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Why cant I bend my knee?
About 2 weeks ago I fell off my motorized scooter and I hurt my knee. Ever since then I can't really bend my knee. It really hurts and locks up when I try to bend it even a little. I do not have health insurance and can not really afford to go to the doctor right now. So if anyone knows why I can't bend my knee or whats wrong can you please tell me. Also is it really serious or will it heal on its own?

ahhh sorry i'm about to go to sleep!! geesh.
well it sounds like u have a dislocated kneecap!! this is easy to
correct. with your leg straight (Not bent).... play with your knee cap until it feels like it 'slips into place'!!! then bend it and see if it helps with the pain!

if i were there i'd adjust it better!! i'm in los angeles. email me if u have any more questions i'm goin to sleep!. hope this helps

Find a free clinic fast!!!! You do not want to prolong and, things can only get worse, especially if you are not sure what's wrong with it.Search online for a free clininic in your area, if needed.

Pray to God it's nothing serious, I hope you get better!!!

seeing the doctor is the only solution

About 3 weeks ago I twisted my knee skiing. I am experiencing the same symptoms. After 3 weeks, sitting down I can just about slowly bend my knee to 90 degrees. I had an x-ray and just got an MRI. I have to wait till Tuesday to get the low-down from my doctor. I'll keep you posted as to what he says. Maybe the same thing is wrong with you. From looking on webmd.com I seem to think I tore or pulled my meniscus.

I can put weight on my leg but can't bend my knee when I walk. It's SO Annoying!!! I feel for you! When I went to the Ortho. shortly after it happened, he seemed to think that it would heal on it's own after a couple of weeks. If I were you I would keep it in a brace and try to use it, if possible. I feel like mine just has to loosen up but I don't know how to stop it from locking and hurting when I bend it. I am hoping to get some physical therapy so I can be normal again ASAP!

It's very likely you tore tendons or muscles. I understand the no medical insurance bit. Get a knee brace and put it in there for a few days. This limits the "free falling" of the leg, and may help it heal faster. It would also pay to take vitamins, since vitamins make you stronger and heal faster. I would say this'll help, but you may, in the end, need a doctor.

I once fractured my wrist, it hurt for over a month and I didn't have insurance, but it eventually healed because I took care of it and kept it still.

Stephanie A
You need to go to the doctor because it's likely not something that will heal on its own.

Sounds like many people summed it up. If there is a free clinic in your area you should take the time..bring a lunch..lol and go. Splinting it eather with a ace bandage but not too tight may help. There is a lot of ligaments around the knee that may have been injured also. Sometime may require surgery to correct. You if your income is low enough may be elligible for emergency medical or perhaps a free clinic can direct you or calling hospitals may direct you wether your elligible like social service center in it. Another opt is to sign up for one temporaily then see a doctor who specilizes with bones like ortho.If you have auto insurance they may have to cover it if you have medical..adding it on isnt too expensive. No one can give you any real advice on treating it or strengthing it without knowing what the problem is because if somethings wrong it could make it worse. Also you might get motrin for the pain it also helps inflamation but if real painful won't put much of a dent in it but may help. Good luck to you.

I can't tell you what is wrong with your knee without looking at it.
Maybe you pulled something or sprained it or maybe there's fluid under the knee cap or maybe it's swollen or maybe you broke or fractured something.
Get to a doctor. Look for a free clinic in your area. If you can't bend your knee, that's not good.

probably b/c it's swollen and there is fluid all around that area.
Sure you can risk it now and hope it's nothing major, or in 10 years realize that you cannot walk w/o major surgery/rehab b/c you really jacked it up bad..

You need to see a doctor....don't wait....I have waited on certain things and those things...got me into the hospital...I was sicker than I thought I was!!!

You probably tore a meniscus in your knee joint.
See a doctor, specifically an orthopedist, get an MRI and if necessary have arthroscopic surgery.
Do not wait. Putting it off could cause premature arthritis and an early joint replacment. This is unlikely to heal by itself without long term problems.

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