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 Why does my foot (top and bottom) & toes hurt when it's my ankle i've broken?

 Ok, can sum1 tell me if they know about this a little more than I do- knee ligaments?
2 years ago i was flung off a games pony but b4 i landed on the ground, i had a crash and another horse booted me on the knee in mid air. My knee ligaments are still weird ever since, an have not ...

 Help me, i don't know what to do.?
my left shoulder blade is killing me, it hurts so bad. I feel like I am dying, or maybe its just me over thinking it because it is killing me. I rub it and lay on the heating pad, or rub some tiger ...

 Is drawing blood supposed to hurt?
Hey guys,

I drew blood on Friday and I think something isn't right. I have small veins so whenever I draw blood I let the people doing it know, but they ignore me anyway. One time I ...

 How to relieve soreness?
I started training to be a caddy on 4/5/08 and on the second week of training we had to run and ever since then my legs have been very very sore...and now every time we have to run i'm always ...

 Do you think I've dislocated my shoulder?
Alright, so in gym the other day, I was playing handball. I jumped into the air to block a pass, but the kid who was meant to recieve it jumped as well, and I smashed my shoulder into his chest. I ...

 Help me decide?
i'm chris..i just had my ankle sprained and there's no way i can walk on it....it hurts really really bad....the problem is that tommorow i'm having a birthday party with many friends ...

 Have you ever dislocated your shoulder?
How long did it take to heal?
How did you do it?...

 Did i sprain my ankle or fracture my foot?
I was walking down the stairs when my friend yelled my name and surprised me. This caused me to land on my foot funny in a way that bent my ankle 90 degrees toward the left. This morning I can move ...

 Has anyone ever had their foot ran over by a car?
I was crossing the road today and all of the sudden this crazy driver raced out of no where almost running over my foot!! my feet was only an inch away from his car wheels!! i was so upset that he ...

 Old injury?
i had a car accident in 2004 it was pretty bad. i did get some slight neck pain on my left side. i didn't go to the hospital cuz it wasn't nothing. but suddenly for the past day and a ...

 What does a skull fracture feel like?
I fell like 4 feet through a bush and hurt my head alittle on wood chips. The spot feels alittle sore, only when I touch it. What are other symptoms of head trauma?...

 I hurt my knee i need help please?
i was playing soccer and i jump to try to head the ball and i landed on my left leg and i felt my knee wanted to pop but it didn't!! now i walk and is weak and it hurts, when walking it kind of ...

Where do the uninsured go for xrays?
i hurt my ankle a few weeks back and never went to the dr to get it checked out. It's still a bit swellen and throbs. All though I can bend it and walk it hurts. I'm wondering if there is a alternative to the emergency room. I don't have heath ins or alot of money but I think I should get it looked at to make sure it's not something more serious. If anyone can help me I live in milwaukee wi.

The nearest airport has free x-rays.

john-wesley v
try looking into local health clinics there are some that take people with little or no resourses

Go to your local university's clinic. They may be able to check it out for you at a discounted rate.

Dea B

Go to any hospital. Go to the ER. If you walk in by law they have to treat you. Even if you cant pay. Say I have no insurance but I need to get this checked. They will check it. And send you a bill.

People in the ER make the same amount if they check it or not. Just got to ER they will check it. They have too.

It sounds like your ankle is broken, you need to go the emergency room, you will have alot of problems if it doesn't heal properly. You are worth any amount of money....

You can go to the emergency room and tell them you don't have insurance and depending on the hospital they will give you a really big discount, I know it worked for my brother.

If the hospital won't take you they will refer you to a local free clinic.

I didn't want the link to fail, so I copied and pasted.
Here you go, pick one.

Free Health Care in the Milwaukee Area and Elsewhere and Who to Call for Help with Insurance
Angel of Hope Free Clinic 209 W Orchard St Milwaukee, WI 53204 (414) 385-5394
Greater Milwaukee Free Clinic 9330 W Lincoln Ave # 10 Milwaukee, WI 53227 (414) 546-3733; For the working uninsured, income guidelines. No fees. Open Tues and Thurs evenings
16th Street Community Health Center 1032 S 16th Street Milwaukee, WI 53204 (414) 672-1315; Monday-Thursday: 8:15am-10:00pm Friday: 8:30am-10:00pm Saturday: 8:30am-Noon
BESTD Clinic (Brady East STD Clinic) 1240 E Brady Street Milwaukee, WI 53202 (414) 272-2144 STD testing and treatment, anonymous HIV testing and Hep B vaccinations, no charge.
Health Care for the Homeless of Milwaukee 711 W Capitol Drive Milwaukee, WI 53206 (414) 374-7900; http://www.wphca.org/homeless.html
Salvation Army Clinic 1730 N 7th Street Milwaukee, WI 53205 (414) 265-6360; http://www.samilwaukee.org
St. Ben's Clinic 1027 N 9th Street Milwaukee, WI 53233 (414) 765-0606; Clinic is open M, W 12-6, T, F, appointment only and Th. 10-4.
Walkers Point Community Clinic 611 W National Avenue #400 Milwaukee, WI 53204 (414) 384-1400
More Clinics in Milwaukee and Elsewhere in the Area: Wisconsin Medical Society Directory http://www.wisconsinmedicalsociety.org/resources/freeclinicdir.cfm
Care for the Uninsured:Wisconsin Medical Society Directory
Health Insurance help at MHD: Many people will qualify for some health insurance coverage. For more information, please contact the MHD Medicaid Outreach Program at 414-286-6008;

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