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When if I get a tattoo and took some vicodin...?
would that be bad? I have a prescription for vicodin so I wouldn't be doing anything illegal. But I was just wondering if the vicodin would decrease the pain. I am terrified of needles and have a low tolerance for pain, but i really have been wanting a tattoo since high school, (i am now 20 yrs. old) but I've chickened out EVERY time. The tattoo is something for my mom, she passed away 3 yrs. ago, so it's something the means a lot to me. So is the vicodin thing a bad idea? even if it was a half of one?
Thanx ahead of time

You'll be fine. You'll just bleed a little more than usual.
Good luck

Any good artist will not do a tattoo on anyone that is on something. I know it is illegal to do it on someone that is high or drunk.

I don't see why you couldn't take a pain pill, I'm sure you wouldn't be the first. The pain of getting a tattoo really depends on where you are getting it, I got one on my ankle and it hurt, and got one on my lower back and it hurt, but got one on my arm and there was no pain involved. You could either take it before you get it, or wait until after, because later n is when it hurts the worse, and why wouldn't it the skin has been irritated. You probably need more of a nerve to pill, then a pain pill. Good Luck?

bad idea it thins out your blood which makes the tattoo bleed alot, go for advil AFTER, if you can't handle the pain your not ready.

rose j
Please you can't mask fear by taking a pain pill lets get real your afraid not in pain try some relaxtion techiques Breath deep for ten minutes a think of somewhere nice or a calm pkace that might help

Heidi B
Vicodin usually makes me sick so I wouldn't suggest it. The artist will ask you if you are under the influence of any drugs or alcohol and if he knows you took a vicodin he might not do the tattoo. They don't hurt that bad, just take a friend with you so you have someone to talk to so you can take your mind off of it. I took my cousins wife with me when I went to get a tattoo for my grandpa that died and the tattoo took over 4 hours and even though it hurt at least me and her were able to talk and distract me.

well no pain no gain. if you really love your mom you would scacrice for the pain like the way she brought you out to this world.

Well it was prescribed for you for pain and you are anticipating pain. The vicodin will decrease the pain a little but I have never had a tattoo so I can't tell you how much. I guess you could call it preventative measures to avoid pain. LOL. It won't hurt you to take it but i have heard people talk about getting tattoos and they say that their natural endorphins kick in; you have these natural endorphins in your body that kick in when you are in pain and they are similar to the effects of morphine. So they say that they actually get a natural high when getting a tattoo. Again, its up to you. If you know that you are going to soon be in pain then I think you will be fine to take the prescribed dose. Hope it goes well for you.

By the way, tylenol, which is an ingredient in vicodin, does not thin your blood ,asprin does.

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