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 Is my ankle broke?
i just jumped off my trampoline but my left foot fell down my brothers golf hole dont ask it is rimmed mith plastic
but now there seems to be a reddish purple lump on the outside of my foot (...

 Should employeers turn their backs on employees when they ask for accident report or workers comp.papers?
after you hurt yourself.
Additional Details
I recently had Anterior Cervicle Decompression Fusion at 2 levels c4-5 c5-6. This is the most painful surgery I ever have had and no income ...

 Do you think that cutting is wrong?

Additional Details
I do cut and I would like it if you didnt say the they need to get locked up in a straight jacket if people do becuase its not true they do it to escape thing well ...

 How can you remove a ring from a swollen finger?
Someone I know is pregnant and her fingers are a bit swollen, her wedding/engagement rings are not too stuck to get off. Any ideas to remove them. They tried the windex on the finger, and putting the ...

 Why do I bruise so easily?
It's not hemophilia, because I am not fully caucasian...


 Do you have a long wait to see your Doctor?
am i being a pain or do you think three weeks to see you'r GP is a long time.? I have fallen out with my sugery because i am fed up with the long wait, if we get ill or have flu, we cant get an ...

 How to break an arm???
i have to do swimming in pe and i really really really dont want to. my parents wont excuse me- if i dont break something imma have to cut everyday and get a f. how do you break an arm, ive tried ...

 Girlfriend broke her neck at c5 and c6 she is not able tomove from chest down, after surgery today what is her

 Is beauty only skin deep or does beauty go deeper?

 Do I need an x-ray on my ankle?
I got hit by a cricket ball about an inch above my ankle. I have been walking on it for 2 weeks, although if I put weight on it for more than 5 minutes it gets swollen and extremely painful. As ...

 Can anyone translate this for me?
Large right HNP at L5/S1, extending inferiorly with predominant apparent defect in the lareral recess againist ths S1 root but mild to moderate narrowing of the L5/S1 foramen as well.(MRI report from ...

 I'm so upset! please help!?
As i said in another question i have broke my ankle after just being told i was going to be in a massive dance show in london. My mom rang up the hospital and i will have my cast on for 6-9 weeks but ...

 Broken knee??
i broke the tip ov my fibia and tore my ligament on the 29th ov july and had to have a op on it now 21 weeks later still doing physio and still in pain with it docs dont seem to care is it right for ...

 Color question?
Which color do you like for the color in a living room at a first house, me and my roomie just bought it!

-tealish green/blue
-red ...

 How can i press charges on my borther for nearly killing me?
Well, about 30 minutes ago my borther came up to me and said get off the damn computer and i said now so he started a fist fight and then lifted up my leg and pushed me back and i fell hit my head on ...

 Hands are??
what are the bones in the hand?...

 How do i know if ive fractured my ribs?
i fell 2 weeks ago landing on my ribs its still sore when i take deep breaths laugh cough or lift ...

 Does anyone have any experiences wih a broken humerous bone?
The bone has healed, but the muscles still hurt!...

 My 31 yr. old friend spent 7 days in ICU but died. He has no insurance or money.Must his family pay the bill?
He does not live with his family, but they were there at the hospital to give the okay to turn off the life support since the brain damage from the car crash was too great. Both drivers hit head on. ...

 Can you wake up in the middle of surgery while your knocked out?
I might need it hopefully ...

Holly J
Whats it called when you hit your head and you can't remember anything from your past?
Whats it called when you hit your head,and can'y remember anything from your past?

I don't remember...


domenic x
When someone hit his head he could suffer from concussion which could make damage to the brain according to the gravity of the injury. In concussion the patient doesn't remember anything because there would be a temporary damage to the brain. This can be followed by coma in which the patient goes to a deep sleeep and would not be able to speak let alone remember what happened. Some people passed from this experience and spent a lot of time in this situation. Thre were times when after a long time the patient even dies without coming to his senses. The less dangerous when the concussion is light and for some time the patient feels confused, with a big headache and can't remember what happened. However this can be overcome if good treatment is done from the moment the conncussion took place.
Then there is Amnesia which a loss of memory and the ability to connect words with ideas. Amnesia can be 'general', the loss of a great portion of one's memory, or 'partial', for exaple an inability to remember names, colours or dates..
Amnesia can occur following brain damage caused by disease, head injury, or alcoholism. It can also occur following a severe emotional shock, as the mind often chooses to forget a terrible or frightening occurance.Psychiactric treatment is advised when amnesia is caused by an emotional disturbance.




Beautiful ******
Amnesia hope that you or whoever has this gets their memory back soon.

archer girl

LOL good one pitbullcopper


YorkieGirl4Ever (Pro Jonas)

Daniel A
The amnesia you are referring to, in which you cannot remember events that happened before the injury is called RETROGRADE amnesia.

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