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What will happen when you don't eat for a long period of time?
i was thinking of doing it...

Arvind B
It is o.k infact beneficial to fast for one day in 14 days.as it not only gives rest to ur digestive system and cleanses ur body it is also good spiritually.
But not eating for say two or more days continuously or fasting frequently will definately have bad effects on body.
The body will come in reserve mode and all the reserve energy stores will be used ,firstly fat in the belly,then muscles,then fat in ur liver and then nothing one will starve and die...

Don't do it!!!!!!!! If you go for a long period of time your body will start eating your organs and they will go into organ failure.

Not that GOOD!!!

Christine W
My Aunt starved herself, eventually she went into renal failure and died. Well, after may many other complications including making herself infertile.

Do not do this. You will die.

King Chrissy
your body will start to digest your pancreas.

The best way to be thin is to not get fat in the first place, it works great for me. If you are fat, eat less than you need to maintain your weight and you will loose weight, it will be gradual but you will get there. Cut out food that is high in sugar. Moderate your fat intake but don't cut it out, it's important.

Lori S.
I would not recommend this.
it is not healthy, because you deprive
your body and brain of oxygen
in this case food to survive.
If you don't eat for a long time
you will collapse
or worse die.

God Bless our Troops!
Your body will get malnourished and you will end up GAINING weight after you start eating again.

When you starve yourself, you body does start using reserves, hence losing weight, but when you start eating again, you body is so used to not getting any kind of nutrition, it is going to hold on to EVERY last piece of fat it can get to build up for the next phase of starvation.

If you want to lose weight, dont be lazy about it. You need to eat a healthy diet and of course, portion control. Drink at LEAST 8 glasses of water a day. Drinking that much water in itself will make you lose about 10 lbs... even if you dont change your diet. AND exercise. Take a walk after dinner. You dont need to go out and run 2 miles every day or do high impact aerobics to lose weight. Just up your activity level and eat HEALTHY!

You starve yourself and you are going to end up in worse shape than you are right at this second...

your stomach will suffer an inner shock you see our stomach is trained to release these acid fluids to work with our the remains of food in your stomach if you don't have anything for this acids to work with then it start burning your stomach walls which at first will give you a bad heartburn and then you will be messed up so bad that your colon will get damage of expelling these acids...so the next time you actually eat something it will come out as a whole out of your butt...not healthy and very painful.

It puts your body in to starvation mode, shuts down your metabolism and can lead to diabetes. It can also lead to problems later in life such as hair loss. Still sound like a good idea?

as far as i know you´ll get very hungry and eventually you´ll die

Nurse Brandi
Your body will begin using the fats and proteins it has stored in the body. This obviously is not advised.

Well I sart to get weak and lightheaded...sometimes get a migraine and I throw up acid...also when you do think about eating it makes you want to throw up because your body is digesting fat and your stomach thinks it is full and the thought of putting food in there is horrible...good luck....

You will most likely get hungry...:)

WELLL HMMMM, youll get very ill, then you hmmmm go to the hospital, and them you hmmmmmm, i guess die. lol

Dont do that ok.

ummmmm...you die!

John Smith
it would be difficult lol
but u could get seriously ill,and if its for a diet....it will make cravings worse
its really bad and u will be abusing ure body :D

killing is making a choice
You starve to death.

Your metabolism will slow down because your body will think that you're starving, eventually you will start losing weight, your organs will suffer, you'll mostly likely start feeling faint every day, you won't be able to concentrate, and you'll look like s***. Then, if you decide that you want to eat again you'll inflate like a balloon. Good luck there!

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