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 Sciatic pain without lower back injuries?? help!?
i have sciatic pain with no lower back injuries (have had mri's done) its been 3 months now and no improvement. tried chiropractor; p.t. acupuntured and massage therapy. i'm defeated.....

 What happens if i dont go to the doctor about this....?
almost 100% sure i broke my knuckle..but im not a doctor..soooo...

what would happen if i just try and let my knuckle heal..well it just harm me in the long run?

(basically, i ...

 If you jumped off a two storey house and landed feet first what would happen?
Just wondering....

 Is it true you can give a black man a white eye?
So I am white, and I have recieved 1 or 2 black eyes in my time. Having never hity a black man, I was just wandering if they go white when punched?
Additional Details
LOL how is it ...

 I hurt my ankle what should i do?
Last christmas i fractured my growth plate in my ankle. IT healed and i joined the cross-country team and i had my 1st practice today, i landed on a branch and i felt a short pain in the same ankle ...

 Bent needle at the injsection site!?
Last night, my husband was giving himself an insulin shot in his stomach. He had a hard time injecting it and when he pulled the needle out, the needle had been bent at a 90 degree angle. Now, he ...

 Will pick best answere plz hp, scares????!!!!??!!?
i have a deep scar on my face its not that long or wide but it is extreemly noticeable and its right below my eyebrow and it kind of has a red tint but heled had it for no more then a month. what ...

 Ok Admit It Come On Now?
with the bad weather last friday it was very cold here and very frosty who else fell over due to the affects of ice and alcohol cause i did ouch!!!!!!!! ...

 Pain in Jaw after getting hit!?
So I was playing with my newphew and he's nearly 3 and I was standing behind and crouching down a bit and next thing you know he stands up and hits the bottom of my jaw making my mouth close, my ...

Okay, i have a project for school and i need to know the most common way people break there wrist.
Additional Details
Like i mean HOW.

Like the wrist bending backwards or ...

 I have injured my ribs and i am having a bad cough why?

 Mother, age 90, broken hip bone in fall.?
This will require surgery with pins or screws and follow up Therapy. Anyone have a friend or relative, (older) that fell and broke a hip? Average time to be able to walk again after therapy?...

 Should i go to er 2morrow?
i went to the doc for my wrist today and she said its probably fractured or a small break. she gave my mom a paper signed by her to get an x ray.

should i go? i cant go 2day but sould i go ...

 I have a loose flap from bird bite on lower lip.how long can I wait if I think I need stitches?
MY bird is a double yellow head parrot. So his beak his sharp, and med in size.It stopped bleeding with ice and pressure after 20 minutes. I have a bandaid to keep it closed. BUT, I can't eat or ...

 Burning sensatins?
after breaking my back after a fall i am left with burning sensations from my buttocks down to my feet . is there anyone who is going through the same thing and if so what treatment was ...

 How can doctors be surspened on full paid as a punishment for misconduct?

 Its been 3 weeks now with cracked rib how long will it be before pain goes its driving me mad?

 I hurt myself, but i think its not serious? how do i heal this though, i took a picture...?
i just got my finger stuck behind the door do i desinfect it first, put alcohol, i'm alone at home, what should i do?


 What naturally helps healing and pain?
are there any natural cures for pain (abscess in waist, cant really move cuz of pain feels like a hernia but not) any natural cures for healing? what candle or scents could actually help...i think i ...

 Stitches - when can i take them out?
i recently had stitches put in my hand and well everyone whos seen them has said they were put in wrong they tug and pull and hurt really bad. i didnt get any antibiodic for them and they look ...

What type of doctor do I see, for Carpal Tunnel?
Lately I have been feeling symptoms of Carpal Tunnel. My arm is tingly, and numb, and sometimes is difficult for me to sleep. I want to be sure I am diagnosed & tested properly without wasting too much time running around from doctor to doctor. What type of doctor should I go to? Just a general family practice? Or a specialist?

You can see an orthopedic surgeon or start off with a neurologist. Some neurosurgeons also do the procedure. (However the neurosurgeons often only do spinal procedures and brain sugeries and leave the carpal tunnel to the ortho guys.)

I went to my local gp when I had Carpal Tunnel. I got it when I was about 25 weeks pregnent, then once my baby was born it just went. Poor you, its not a nice feeling, see your gp anyway, i hope it clears up.

karen wonderful

Orthopedic surgeon who specializes in hand surgery. I had both of mine done by same doctor and that was in the early to middle 90's and have had no problem since.

Faith Anne
Orthopedic surgeon

i had carpal tunnel syndrome as well and i saw a plastic surgeon who worked on both hands and i tell you they are as good as new

I'd start with your GP. Many specialists want referrals. It's often an orthopedist who's seen for CT. He may send you to a neurologist for an EMG to test the nerves and confirm or rule out CT, but it's usually an orthopedist who treats or operates for it. Good luck.

A trained hand surgeon would be who you would need to see. You could see an orthopedic surgeon or a plastic surgeon. These two specialties are trained in hand surgery and could do this relatively simple procedure which involves dividing the flexor retiniculum in the wrist...this will relieve the pressure on the median nerve which causes carpal tunnel. Some surgeons do the procedure endoscopically with a minimal incision, but in general, I think that approach is overkill since the incision used in the traditional repair is pretty small anyway.

Gone fishin'
You can start with your family doctor then see wha he recommends. It might be physiotherapy.

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