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Christeena C
What to do if someone gets acid splashed in their eye?

Shadow Wolf Dragon
Take them to the emergency room. If its the deadly acid then it would most likely kill them.

rinse thoroughly with water. not much else you can do, if its really bad will be worth going to a doctor.
Lesson can be taken from this though - don't play with acid!

Uncle Under
keep washing it with water, no matter how hard it is, for about 15 min, and try not to touch them, then go to the hospital.
do the same if a base splashed in ur eyes or any chemical.

Call 911, and rinse, rinse, rinse, rinse, rinse, and rinse some more with cool/cold water. Then keep rinsing. Then get to an emergency room.

Gary W
seek medical assistance and rinse under water for as long as possible!!


Richard W
rinse with water and pray there is no damage to ur optic nerves

michael o
flush with water...visit Dr. office

Amber B
Go to The ER!

fresh water and ER

Little Italy
Flush it with water for at least 15 minutes. You probably need to see a doctor... be sure to let them know what type of acid it was.

This happened to my mum

Rinse it out with water for like 10/20 mins

then go straight to hospital and they will clean your eye

justin T
Rinse your eyes out and go to the ER if you can't get a ride call 911 and get help depending on the type of acid it can and will cause blindness if you don't treat it asap

First get as much of the acid out of your eye as possible. Use a neutral base such as water or milk. Then, have someone call the hospital for you. Depending on the severity call 911.

I just hope you or your friend is alright.

Depends on the type of acid but in most cases, it can permanently blind them or cause other serious eye damage. It's important to immediately flush the eyes after contact then rush to see a doctor.

Water, water to dilute the acid

rinse it with water for fifteen minutes and call 911, they will know what to do.

Call 911 first.
Have victim flush eyes with water by holding head under running water.

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