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and it hurt like heck. but it went away.
then when I walked it started hurting. and If i like ...

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 If you don't have any family and you have a serious car accident/health crisis, what are your options?

Additional Details
Worst case scenario--say you need months of rehab, lose your job, get evicted and are all alone in the world?...

 Anyone else ever injured their tailbone?
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 When i try to stand up straight, or lay on my back I cant because of intense pain in my buttock and lower back
anybody have a similar problem? Is it a herniated disc? Something else? please help. i cant even walk upright- i have to walk hunched over....

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That happened this afternoon around 1pm, he then went to bed (he works ...

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 I need a broken leg plz help?
don't even waste ur time telling me I'm crazy and crap!
if u do i will come after u!
just tell me how i can break an ankle or knee?
and get crutches!
i need this help!<...

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 I am in desperate need of breaking an ankle. its just because i want the crutches!! ?
NO ANSWERS TELLING ME I SHOULDNT CUZ I AM......realistic answers plzz thx

 Cracked or bruised ribs? please help?...?
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 Torn knee cartilage, still in pain?
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 Is this serious? I can't feel my toes after wearing extremely high heels 2 nights in a row....?
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 Does anyone know any places on the body that can be hit causing someone to black out?
I said "black out", I do not want to kill anyone. I just want to be able to protect myself....

 Help bruise?
About 3-4 wks ago i fell over in my kitchen on to a concreate floor and landed on my knee. Ive still got a big purple bruise on top of a egg shape lump jst below my knee.

My mum thinks i ...

just the answer
What kind of doctor should i go to for arm pain??
my dad's arm has been hurting for two weeks now. the other day my mom squeezed it accidentally, he was in pain real bad. but then he was alright. So what kind of doctor should i go to? i don't want to go to my family doctor. because all he does is that he refers us to someone and waste our momey. Please help me.
Additional Details
he does lot of work with his right arm, like vacuming,garbage, writing,lifting stuff and other stuff, daily. he is also diabetic

lady d
there is no such thing as an arm dr.unfortunately your family dr is the best choice .tell him you don't want to be refered to another dr.(you may want to think about changing primary dr)

he can see an ortho (bone) doctor. he will do some testing. or he can see an internal md. either can order the appropriate test.

Joan J
I would suggest an Internist or an Orthopedic Specialist, have it checked out soon.

well you have to go to your family doctor because you will need a referal to see any kind of specialist..thanks how it works...he might just have pulled a muscle or strained it and your family doctor can prescribe a anti-inflammatory to ease the pain. Good luck to your dad.

You always start off with your family doctor. If he or she can not help, your doctor will know which direction to send you in. I am sure there will be some xrays in there somewhere

Avoid any armatures use only experienced doctors.
However you will find it will cost you an arm and a leg.

I would suggest going to either a general practicioner. They will most likely examine the arm and recommend a specialist, which will most likely be an orthopedist. Most likely, your father will have to get either MRI if the doctor doesn't believe it is a broken bone, because in most cases sharp pains that don't persist for long can be explained by either a hyperextended ligament or tendon, or an enflamed muscle or joint.

Your Dad has to go to his doctor first. And if his doctor is worth the money he is paid for, will send him for an X-ray- better yet for an MRI. There is a long waiting time but it's better to put his name on the list than waiting for nothing. The MRI result will have a clear picture of what's wrong with his arm. My guess is he may have a herniated disc just around the top three layer part of his neck. That's why the pain is reverberating to his arm. Anyway, I'm not a doctor but I'm speaking from experience.
If his doctor insists on telling him otherwise, ask your Dad to demand a referral for an MRI and NOT leave until he gets one. That is his right!
Take and Good Luck!

michael j
I am an acupuncturist in Fort Collins, CO and see this kind of thing all the time. If you are looking for a Western opinion on this , a neurologist or orthopedist are going to be your best bet. Oftentimes in cases like this there is alot of overlap between the two so either one should be helpful. Good Luck.

an arm doctor

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