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 How do i fake injury?
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 Ok ouch! i have a cut?
i got mad becuz i didnt wanna g2 skool in the morning, and my dad said i had to go
i started arguing
but it ended up with me getting really mad
and taking my hand and slamming it into ...

ok i dont know what it is and I am not a doctor but you can hopefully help.
ok in december i really felt tired all the time and I had pain in my bones. I would sleep most of the day, however to ...

 My gf says that only whimps go to the hospital, but I think I've broken my finger. What should I do?
She used a lot stronger word than "whimp".
Additional Details
It's starting to change color a bit....

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 When you get a cut, what do you do to make it heal?
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 Have you ever had an accident at work?
I did today, tripped over a hoover, and fell on top of my work mate, I hurt her back, and i have a bruise on my leg, but it is recorded in the accident book, we had a good laugh about it!

 Can you break a bone in your hand if you punch a wall?

 I've got the same pants on as I had on yesterday....is this really bad for me?

 My friend sat on a toilet at work, and it collapsed...?
it fell with her on it, shattered everywhere, and she is sore from the fall, but not cut(luckily)... does she have a case???...
im not sure where to catagorize this one......

 Ive burnt my little finger how do i stop it hurtin so much?
its in a cup of iced water at the moment but wen i take it out it ...

 My mouth has been scalded by some hot soup in a hotel. What would you do?
I had a bowl of soup in a hotel today and the soup was so hot that it has burned the roof of my mouth. The staff, in the hotel, were not at all interested. The manager filled in an accident form ...

LISA 92964
What happens when you swallow a quarter?

Additional Details
For those of you wondering ,it was'nt me, it was my boyfriend,his friend thought it would be funny to put it perfectly on top of his beer bottle,and he accidentally swallowed it. Nice friend,huh?

It won't go down the proper digestive track. If you saw Criss Angel, it went down his arm and he cut his arm to take it out. So there's your answer, it ends up somewhere weird.

The Doctor
it would be near impossible, how could you swallow it without chocking?? if you managed to you would probably have a sore stomach later lol

it can become lodged in the lungs and needs to be extracted thru a bronchoscopy or surgical procedure. or -it can pass thru the intestinal tract just fine. or -it can become lodged in the intestinal tract and require an endoscopical or surgical procedure for removal. it is unfortunate that it doesn't make the brain function improve.

(: SashaBam :)
i think it'll hurt when it comes out the other end. if it doesn't come out and if his stomach starts to hurt, it may be bc the metal is coming off the quarter and intoxicating him. if that does happen, take him to the ER.

Ukrainian Girl
It will come out ! dont worry
how the heck did you swallow it ?!
i cant even swallow a tiny pill LOL !
good luck ummm.... with the um ... out come

I will eventually come out. It might hurt though.

it means you'll be looking for change in the future!

... Well, from expirience, you poop it out. It hurts. (Joking)

its going to hurt when you go to the toilet and you might get some bellyaches every now and then, so beware.

then you got change in a couple days.

Scott O
so long as it doens't get stuck along the way, it will simply come out the other end if a day or so i think. might be unpleasant going out though

you get 2 dimes and 1 nickel back

you go through your change of life

Bob A
A quarter of what?

money tree will grow in your stomach duuuh!!!
you aregoing to be rich

well if you swallow it wrong youll choke but if not youll poop it out my brother swallowed one and he coughed up blood for a while and we couldnt get it out so he had to go to the hospital i would say just avoid doing it

It will eventually come out but it might hurt!

It will come out the other end..and if you are out a quarter for laundry it will be a lucky day for you..LMAO.

Why?? Did this happen to you?? :)
It should make its way out of your system soon enough!

You'll NEVER be broke cause you'd always have a quarter in your stomach...LOHL
Hopefully you poop it out lata...

pravin c
two bucks come out ur rear

If your lucky you'll fart and make change.

hopefully it passes through.
it will be painful!

Ember G
Nothing really it doesn't get broken up by acids or anything in your digestive track it goes through and comes out in your poop then to the toilet

once I was in the emergency room and there was a little girl in there who was not responding to any treatment and she was dying, finally after many tests and stuff they discovered the girl had swallowed a nickle., she almost died. it was lodged in somewhere not good.

You poop it out later.

you poop it out, then buy gum with it

a lady capricorn
hopefully if you swallow 3 more a dollar will come out later... ok ok it should come out later, since a quarter is a little big, you should be able to notice when it does. if there is any complications then go to a doc, like stomach pain, etc. love.

You end up with dirty money......

Brian T
Unless you poop out two dimes and a nickel I wouldn't worry about it.

you will poop it out, however with the size of the quarter it may end up blocking something so you may want to call a doctor and ask them

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