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What exactly does an X-ray show..?
What kind of information can my doctor get from an X-ray? Does it show the state of the bones, or other things like tissue and nerves? I mean, if you don't have anything wrong with the actual bone, and instead it's like a muscle tear or something, would an X-ray be helpful?


in general x-rays are for checkin out the bones but in some hospitals they have these special machines that can do a scan of your muscles and organs to see how things are doing.... if you need more info talk to you family doctor about it

it shows your skeleton.

G@me Time

no it only shows bone injurys

it only shows bones,
but the dr. can do mri or cat scans, if something elseeiswrong

John M
It shows the bones only. A doctor can tell if a bone is fractured or broken from an X-ray.

If you have nothing wrong with the bone, nothing will show up abormal as only the bone absorbs the radioactivity.

Johan S
an x ray shows bones. an MRI shows muscle tears

An X-ray shows bone and bone only I believe.

Like they use them if a bone is broken or something so they do an x-ray to see if it is broken or not.

It's a picture

You did not mention the location of the injury so I will give you some basics of X-rays.
X-rays are used to "see" beyond the skin. The "picture" that is produced will have certain qualities based on the area of interest. A film of a hand will show bones, skin, growth plates and any "foreign object" if that is what you are looking for. Basically, an xray is a picture.
Think of a light beam that can go through your body. As different parts of your body have different densities, the light is slowed a different rate of travel depending on the density of that part of the body. Bones are harder than muscle, and muscle is "harder" than skin.
For example, a belly xray will show bones and some sort of air/ fluid levels that will be present in your digestive system. An xray of your arm will generally show only bones and what is refered to as "soft tissue" .
More exact exams are used to find more "specific" problems.
A Cat Scan, can show much more detail involving any area of the body.
An MRI will show more detail when looking for "muscle damage"
There are literally thousands of exams that can be done to correctly diagnose your problem.
Your doctor is a medical professional and has many years of education. He / She is the one you should ask this question to.
They will tell you what they "see" on the xray. And do not be afraid to ask questions.
Good Luck

Phillip N
I think an x-ray can identify how much you'll grow, and also doctors look for fractures and cracks in a bone. But I think a cat scan is used to see things like ligament and other flesh

x-ray will just show your bones. an MRI or Cat Scan or CT scan however you want to call it will show more detail such as nerves and tissue


Annick J
An Xray is useful in seeing bones and to a lesser degree, tissue. Denser muscle and ligaments can be seen by Xrays. For anything more detailed, you'll need a CAT scan or MRI.

X-Rays usually show solid forms in the body. That is the white part you see on the X-Ray. The black parts are usually soft tissue (like organs) or liquid. By this, we can pick up any kind of growth, irregular forms, and any other kind of odd things which many people have today. Usually by knowing what the human body should look like, and how the X-Ray comes back, is how it indicates to us that there is a problem.

∙∙ uıʌǝʞ ∙∙  ☮
It is primarily for bones but they can see some cartridge and some muscle shadows. This gives them very little clues. An MRI is what is needed for a muscle tear or tendons and ligaments.

For instance, a dental x-ray. They can see your jaw bones, teeth and roots of the teeth into the bone. But they can also see an abscess (infection in soft tissue). It is clear to them that you have an abscess, but not the extent. If it is minor they sometimes can't see it.

An x-ray shows bone and dense tissue. It can show large or obvious injuries, but in order to see more specific views of that area, they would have to order a more intense type of radiologic test.

Any visual impurites in a solid object (I.E. your bones). If it is cracked or broken, you'd be able to see it in an xray. You won't see anything muscle or tissue related. You need an MRI for that.

X-rays show very little about the soft tissue and are most useful for checking the skeletal (bony) system. They can show other things, however, such as a shadow on a lung that might represent fluid, or a tumor. X-rays will not show a muscle tear; there are other tests that would, such as CAT scans, MRI's, and ultrasound.

it can also show if there is some joint displacement or widening of the joint space. but its mostly to show bone issues( well that also depends on the level of X ray penetration). but your doctor needs to order for an x ray even though you think it just some muscle tear because if there was a tiny fracture that he missed you can come back and sue the heck out of him. so he needs to cover him self legally too

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