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What does it mean when I have pain in my knee that feels like a rubber band snapping?
I have had problems with my kneecap moving on me for years. I have had no recent problems but I went exercising last week and was using the aerobic step, and they have this one machine where you place it on your shoulders and bend your knees, stooping into a sitting position like you are sitting in a chair. I started having pain in my knee after that, and it's been giving out on me when I put weight on it. Now today I have the sensation of a rubber band snapping on the inside of my kneecap, and there is a lot of pain. What does all this signal? Does anyone recognise any of the warning signs I'm having and can you guess as to what is wrong? I did have an mri done about 12-15 years ago and they told me the lining inside my kneecap was thinning from the injuries (I'd dislocated my kneecap several times from age 11 to my 30's, which is why it moves on me, the ligaments are loose on each side is what I was told)...I don't have medical insurance right now.
Additional Details
I don't have the money at the moment to go to a dr...no insurance...just wanted to try to rule out that it may be a really serious problem...I'm doing the rice type thing, with rest and ice, etc....and I'm not exercising till it's better.

You're old enough to know that there's probably something serious enough you can't fix it without a doctors help (surgery). You should try heat also, ice is usually only applied within the first 24 hours, or use both or whatever feels best. You're cruciate ligament may need some repair. Go to a free clinic or a place that charges on a sliding scale.

maybe u have water in it

i would say you damaged a ligament in your knee...i had that happen to me...i have torn my ACL and my MCL a few times and have very loose knee caps. Also, they don't right in the track. But i think that you probably tore a ligament. I get that in my elbow as well and my problem is a ligament tear.

I suffer from TRIGGER FINGER.. i know you will laugh but its not unusual or good. it can lock my finger in place and never fully straighten out again. it sounds like you have the same thing but your knee . get it checked out it just means that the tendon is not staying in place.

Wally C

Susan S
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you might have torn a mcl pcl or acl which uyou would need surgery go to the doctors and find out

my mom had the same problem recently. She tore something in her knee, and had to have an arthroscopy done to fix it. U should go to the dr. They'll probably x-ray, and might do another mri to see what's going on.

the snapping sensation could mean a few different things. 1) a plica band, basically a piece of tissue that is part of your joint capsule. lots of people have them and sometimes they can get irritated and symptomatic 2) your IT (iliotibial band) is snapping over part of your knee joint. this is also common and can happen when the IT band is too tight or hip muscles are not strong enough. 3) less likely, but could be a meniscal tear. you would probably have more pain and swelling but this is a possibility.

i would recommend seeing a sports medicine physician to be evaluated. they may or may not want to get an mri depending on your exam.

good luck

ps - its not sciatica and unlikley that one of the ligaments is torn

pps - in that case, rest and ice are the best things, like you are doing. if you exercise, i would avoid knee extensions or deep squats. ask your trainer to teach you core exercises to work your hips. if all else fails, i would still recommend seeing a doctor. seeing a primary care sports medicine specialist is often cheaper than seeing an orthopedist and will help try non-operative or invasive therapies

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