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@bsolutely $weet
What does it mean if u have a bump in your ear?
I have one in my right ear and its real sore. I dont know how it got there and before it came my ear was sore where it is now. Does anyone know what this might be??? it can't be that they are dirty because i clean my ears every other day....
Additional Details
Well this isnt the first time i've gotten one and they usually leave within a few days but when ver i do have them it bugs me when i try to clean my ears....

peaches and cream
If the bump is inside the cuff of the ear have some one to look at it. It may be a blackhead. If you wear your hair down alot, If you have oily hair, If you use the phone after someone that has oily hair. The oil has gotten into your ear. Get a warm compress so it can come to a head. It needs to be busted. Use a safety pin,use the end with the circular hole. Have someone to do it for you. Put the warm cloth under the ear. BITE DOWN ON SOMETHING,IT IS GOING TO HURT LIKE HELL. Use the pin and push real hard until it bust. Get a cold towel and put it on your forehead because you are going to get a headache. If you do decide not to do this believe me it will affect your hearing. or get worse and get bigger. It is best to get it while it is still small. When it gets to large please go to the doctor.

its a pimple i have one in my ear it hurts mine went away in a week

its just a pimple dont sweat it

Little Tiger
could be a zit (pimple) or a cyst... all depends on what kind of 'bump' you're talking about... be a little more specific... If it is really bothering you then go see a doctor... Chances are it's just a zit... the ones in/on the ear hurt way more than anywhere else!

could it be a cyst?

see a dermatologist.

Vanilla Whip
Might be a boil.....

Where on the ear is the bump?

its a pimple.
i know it for a fact
it will go away

Could be a cyst. Get it seen to by the doctor as he can lance it or give you medicine it if needed. Good luck!

Goddess Of Sleep
i've noticed when i soak a clean washcloth, with hot water (as hot as my skin can stand, without burning myself) and wring out the washcloth, so that the heat is still in the washcloth, but its not dripping, and put it on the bump, (making sure no water goes inside my ear) it goes away faster. but my bumps might not be the same as your bump. it probably is just a pimple. my bumps are often inside my earlobe. this weird black stuff comes out. i think its because i'm alergic to some of my earings, and the inside of my earlobe (the pireced hole) is trying to reject the earing. i've got to get rid of those things. try it and see before you pick a best answer.

I had that kind of thing before, it's not cuz of the dirt, if you took a shower and then went outside and it was windy it would be easy to get something like that, it's an infection(cold), it's not a bump it's a zit, for now it might feel like a bump but you have to wait for few more days, it will hurt more, then you just have to squeeze it, to get the infection out, after that disinfect it with alcohol, not a big deal

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