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 Help bruise?
About 3-4 wks ago i fell over in my kitchen on to a concreate floor and landed on my knee. Ive still got a big purple bruise on top of a egg shape lump jst below my knee.

My mum thinks i ...

 How can i make my wrist to look as if i cut it?
i want to scare ppl nd show dem a fake cut which i want to make it look kinda real...i tried glue with different inks but it oesnt work too good so what should i use plz help me THANX!...

 I happen to get a cut on my..............?
ok this is hard for me to type but i was making love to my wife in the beach and i happen to get a cut idk how maybe from the sand but i have alot of question:
1)i heard pee is good for cuts is ...

 OLD PEOPLE!!! with mobility problems...?
Is this natures way of telling you, you should have popped your clogs years ago?...

 Why there is an increased white blood cell in stab wound injury?

 If a man went into the hospital for foot surgery and died, should an investigation be done?

 How do you know if your foot is broken?
i knw if ur bone is sticking up or wateve but hopw else?...

 I cant put pressure on my right wrist. what should i do?
for example i cant do push ups any more because my wrist hurts too much when i put pressure on it. what should i do?
i hurt it a while back when i tried to pick up something and my wrist just ...

 Whats the worst injury you've ever had?
Mine is when I was carving a pumpkin and it slipped into my pinkie and cut a tendon. I needed surgery and about 5 months of physical hand therapy....

 My foot is sore, is it broken?
It's sore when I put pressure on the top of my foot, the metatarsal bit I think, I can still walk and it's not swollen but it's been painful the last couple of days. Anyone know what ...

 What's good to help heal a bruise?
I fell off some rocks today while fishing. Dumb thing, I know, but it's sore and ugly(on my bum).
Additional Details
I caught the biggest black and blue anyone has ever seen, no ...

 I have had real bad pains in my belly and i dont know what it is?
it really hurts

and i can hardly ...

 Could it be broaken?
Okay i just fell on the icey sidewalk and REALLY heurt my elbow!! And now about 20mins l8r it hurts the same or it mmight be more!!i had to type all of this w/ my left hand cuz it hurts 2 use the ...

 My ear was clogged last night so i used a q tip and i guess i pushed the wax back and now i cant hear anything
it hurts when i burp too, its been clogged all day, i used some ear drops today (cvs brand) and its still clogged! i even got desperate and carefully stuck a tooth pick in my ear and scraped out as ...

 If you stretch your arm out what are you touching in front of you?

 Whats an easy way to break my arm?
I dont have problems or anything like that. and i have no intention of break my arm so dont call me so crazy person or anything. If u have broken your arm before please tell me how you did it.. this ...

 How do i cure a wound within 48 hours?
it's not that big. It's a scratch on my face.
Additional Details



 Brushed nose, how to handle pain?
i got head-butted on my face, my nose is brushed on one side and the whole area surrounding hurts , it doesnot look broken and the pain is not too extrem but i dont know what could be better to treat ...

 What's the best way to get over a broken heart?

 HELP NEEDED PLEASE my best friend is..?
Hi and thank you for reading this-
My best friend named Johnny who is only 9 years old got hit by a car on Friday and is suffering from 2 broken ribs up by his shoulder,the shoulder is pretty ...

What do you do when you smash your finger???
I smashed my finger in a car door today and i tried pain relivers and ice, neither worked im in horrible pain what should i do?

Smash your other finger. You will foget about the pain in that one finger for a bit.

even if u dont think it will work put ice on it and take some tylenol or something like that for pain if u have pain pills take one. I would suggest taking something to make u sleepy and go to bed that way u do not have to worry about it and u will be out of pain cuz u will be sleeping. Hope ur finger feels better soon!

Try the homeopathic remedy Hypericum Perfolatum (Hypricum Perf). It is for traumatized nerve endings.
You can find it at Whole Foods or other natural food stores or Fiesta.

I usually cuss for a while then ice it.

It could be broken, you might want to have it x-rayed.

Father Ted
The pain is a learning tool so you won't do that again. Let the pain do its job.

bart man™
go to the doctor you may need a strong pain med

Is it blue or purple and you can't move it? If so, you probably broke something. If not, keep trying ice and pain relievers. It should go away in a few days.

Mustang Sally
Try keeping the hand that you smashed above your heart, that will keep the throbbing down and try wrapping it up so you don't move it too much. It makes my finger hurt just thinking about it! Hope it feels better in the morning if you can suffer through the night.

If it's been a while and the pain hasn't subsided, you may need to go to the ER.


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