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What do you do if you have a jammed toe?
I think I jammed it I can walk if I walk on the side of my foot which is hard at school so what do I do

Belledeau Brat
A doctor cant do anything with a jammed or broke toe .. all you can do is either wrap it, pack it in ice, or try not to walk on it

add peanut butter

Put up with the pain, unfortunately

Sport hottie
ice then pull til it pops back out it will hurt but after that it will feel a lot better

Cry. Lots.

Just wonderin'
i rock climb and believe it or not i break my toes a LOT and what you do is if it is just the toe and it isnt hurt at the foot than you tape together with one of the toes next to it for a couple weeks or until it doesnt hurt anymore. and if you still hurt go to the doctor. but it should only hurt if its fractured or something up to the foot.

Mr. Spin
I broke a toe once. The doctor taped it to the next toe and that was it. It healed.

You have "Toe-Jam"!!!

wrap it. wear supporting arch shoes. Or just don't go to school

A jammed toe will heal on its own, I've been in the same situation a couple of times myself. You could go to the doctor and have your foot examined, but I doubt he/she will do much for you besides maybe give you an anti-inflammatory (like ibuprofen, which you can get over the counter) maybe splint it (which you can do yourself with a tongue depressor (Popsicle stick) and gauze or tape, and tell you to stay off it as much as possible and let it heal.

I would see how it does over the next few days, and seek medical attention if it doesn't appear to be improving or, of course, if it gets worse.

Hope that helped! Get better!

cry lol no ice it thats all you can really do and wear sandles or somthing that wont crush your toes

Tape it to the toe that is next to it and wear tennis shoe to protect it.

Ouch I ran into a treadmill & jammed my pinky toe,it hurt so bad,felt like it was broken. It got all bruised & everything. The best thing to do is to lie down,rest,watch a good movie,& be served hand & foot.

Say, OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!

Not much. You just have to let it be. I jammed my toe a few years ago and it hurt for a while but, in a few weeks it was ok. It will never be the same though. It will probably always hurt a little and you will be able to feel that the joint is different. That's how mine is anyway. It doesn't bother me at all though.

TX girl

Its simple....go to the doctor because the more you walk on it the worse it will get.

unjamming might help, or perhaps you could stick your toe in some strawberry jam

Molly M
If you can't walk on it, you may have broken the bone or damaged cartilige.

Elevate the foot and ice (20 minutes on, 20 off (keep it wrapped in a towel)). Ibuprofen or tylenol for the pain and make an appointment with the doctor.

Whether jammed or broken, there is usually very little that can be done to splint a toe other than to pad it with cotton balls or gauze and then tape it to another toe to stabilize it.

Don't wear tight shoes for a while. Try a sneaker with loose laces and plenty of "wiggle room" in the toe area so there isn't a lot of pressure placed on the injured toes by the shoe.

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