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♥ meet my zombie rob
What causes random bruising?
just wondering what might cause random bruising. i have had two huge bruises on my thigh within the past month. i don't remember doing anything that would cause such bruises.

New York Chic
my questions lololol

seriously, I'm not sure...sometimes i get them too maybe im a violent sleeper hmmmm

random punches...ouch!

you could bruise easily just walking into something or leaning on something too long could cause it if you bruise easily

It could be alot of things.

If it happens alot you might be anemic.
Or maybe you sleepwalk.

I used to sleepwalk and woke up with cuts some days.

If you drink it could've happened then, sometimes I don't notice bruises from nights out until a couple days after.

You could be anemic. That can cause you to bruise easily.

Steve T
Heh, you not knowing what did it might be the answer. I know I got some pretty intense bruises while I was drunk and didn't know it until friends told me. Other than that, theres no real "mysterious" cause of internal bleeding, unless you have some sort of sickness/disease. I know low iron also leads to easy bruising. I'm sure it's fine, get it checked out even if your worried about it :) .

The causes of bruising easily are various. It can be due to ineffective platelets or its low number in blood.
Also, fragile blood vessels are likely to be the reason of bruising, sometimes it can be managed with vitamin
c supplements. Else, aspirin is blood thinner; do you take it very often? I’m sure that simple blood test would
give you the right answer.

If this happens often you should talk to your doctor. You just be kind of spacey, or have a blood disorder. I bruised all the time when I was anemic (low iron)

brendan- da man and da myth
I was going to be a wise-**** with my comment but decided to answer it seiously - get it checked out. I had a similar situation and it was first diagnosed as rheumatoid arthritis and then re-diagnosed as anemia. Both require medication and attention. Do yourself a favor and get it cheked out immediately. Your family will appreciate your being around for next Christmas.

Lorraine H
Usually it's a lack of y vitamin C primarily that causes someone to bruise easily, but it also can be vitamin E, vitamin K, bioflavonoids, and zinc. A vitamin C deficiency may be caused by several factors:

• eating too few fruits and vegetables (remember the problem sailors used to have centuries ago with scurvy outbreaks on long voyages? It was caused by a lack of vitamin C)
• taking drugs which destroys this vitamin
• long-time stress from illness, frustration or depression
• smoking (one cigarette can deplete the body of 25 mg of vitamin C)
• frequent emotional outbursts such as anger
• exposure to pollutants, allergens or heavy metals

A deficiency in hesperidin, one of the bioflavonoids (sometimes called vitamin P), naturally occurring nutrients usually found in association with vitamin C, has been linked with abnormal capillary weakness. These bioflavonoids, including hesperidin, Citrin, Rutin, Flavones, Flavonals, Calechin and Quercetin, were found to be essential in correcting the tendency toward bruising.

If you improve your diet in this respect and you still bruise easily, get it checked out as bruising can be a symptom of other things.

Unexplainedbruising or blood spots under the skin can be related to a number of different possible causes including:

Blood or clotting disorders.

Adverse reactions or side effects from medication.

Poor nutrition (including vitamin C and K deficiencies).

A family history of abnormal bleeding or bruising.

Often the cause remains unidentified and is insignificant.

It is suggested that you arrange a simple blood test through your doctor, to check out your general blood picture and clotting ability and ask if they are able to identify any treatable cause for your symptoms.

I have been sneaking over while you are`asleep. Sorry if I was a little rough.

SloMotion Like Snail
i was gonna say what ny chic said, violent sleeping

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