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 If u cut the wrist,making not a very deep cut,how much tym does da mark go?
if u cut the wrist wid a blade..... not very deep....in how much time will the mark go completely???does it become permenanty????how can u r emove it....or ligthen it????...

 Really sore?
ok i wake up at 5:30 every day to go to basketball practice! we run alot and i am really sore can someone tell me how to make the soreness go away or atleast help it??? PLEASE!!


 My Foot!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE HELP!?
OK so i was walking my dog and she just started to take off and i fell on top of her and managed to do something to my bad foot, the one i bruised severley a few weeks ago. My parents are out at my ...

 How long does it take for a bruise to go away?

 Am I slowly killing myself?
im 20 y/o and smoke about 15 ciggarettes and share 5ish spliffs a aday, all i eat is instant noodles, asda ready meals, e.g maccaroni cheese or bread, i add salt to everything, even toast, in a meal ...

 OUCHIE !!! PLease help?
Last week i gave birth to a turd the size of a soda can and I tore.
I feel it rip back open every time I go to take a dump.
Im worried it wont heal and Im also worried about bacteria....

 Help my mom hurt herself?
my mom was on one of those inversion tables and she slid out of it, fell on her neck and upper part of her back, and compressed a disk in her back, what should she do?...

 Relieve aching muscles?
for PE, we ran and did A LOT of lunges. WITHOUT stretching afterward [and i was having the flu, so i was still weak] and now my thighs and butt ache SO BADLY! i cant even move without wincing.

 Medical question??
k i just got home from this beach and i was there with my friend and i cut my toe on this sharp *** rock and it blead a lot and so i put a band aid on it and washed it out and i just got home and ...

 Weight lifting for teens?
how old do you have to be to start lifting weights? i heard somewhere that if you lift weights and other things you could damage your body. im going to be 13 in january will i be old enough to lift ...

 What can be done to speed up the healing of a broken bone?
diet? ultrasonic machine? exercise?...

 A glass bottle hit my son's head...should I go to the doctors?
its a glass wine bottle....it fell on the side of his forehead...the skin was dented in then it became a big bump with a bruise...i'm scared.......

 Help! i've fallen into a well and i cant get out!?
please! im desperate cant you see!
Additional Details
too late. i was murdered ....

 If i cut my wrists how deep or how do i make it bleed? i was using a knife but i am only making slight marks?

Additional Details
is there a different tool i can use... like a razor from a box cutter?...

 I smashed my fingernail. Now 25% of it is black near the base. Will I lose my nail?
Or will it grow out? If it grows out, how long will it take? What can I do to make it look normal again? Should I grab a pliers and pull it off? Does eating jello for gelatin make it grow faster?...

 How to remove objects safely from the anus?
I have a cap (waterbottle) stuck in my anus. My friend pulled a prank on me while I was sleeping -_-.

Should I try to remove it, or just leave it and let it come naturally out?


 I just had knee surgery, what can I do for the pain?
I dont have Vicadin or any other medications until this weekend. What else could I do? It's really painful. Someone give me ...

 My toenail fell off, can I paint it?
So my toenail fell off, and now there's just a stubby little half nail. Can I paint it so people can't tell? Will putting more coats on the skin help? What color should I use. It needs ...

 My husband's eye doctor put drops in his eyes and he hasn't seen clearly since.?
Can this be reversed?...

 How do you treat a sprained ankle?

What can happen if you cut ur wrist????
is there really anything bad that happens when you cut??? other then you could die from it???? and i'v been trying to stop utting but i cant!!! have any advice?? if u want e-amil me cky_valo@yahoo.com or my AOL Sn is emogirl1059

NM but there is a main vien...artery taht runs at the location of your wrist if you accidently cut it you may A-bleed to death or B- get paralyzed... just stop cutting you wrist that kinds wierd...really

its not too smart to cut your wrists. you also lose alot of iron from your blood and if nothing bad has happened to you then i dont think anything bad will happen but something could happen tomorrow. you never know. you should stop cuttin em wrists

Big Bike Biker
you'll lose a lot of blood...if you're unable to stop the bleeding...it'll cause death...if the thing that cut your wrist is rusty...it'll cause some kind of a health problem...but i can't remember what...

Besides the obvious?
People laughing at you, family problems, social problems, future drug/alcohol abuse...

If you're that desperate for attention, wear a watermelon on your head.
Stop being so damn emo.

skippy's mum
In your wrist/arm is a main vein...If you cut yourself to hard & it happens to catch that vein you CAN bleed to death...you can't judge how deep your cut is...if its severed tendons etc.

I can tell from your question that you have issues with self harm & probably low self esteem. Please try & get some proffesional help. See your Dr & ask him/her to be refered to some-one who can help you. Self harm is a very distructive pattern of events. I know when you cut yourself you feel release....but its not the answer sweetie. You can pm me if you need a listening ear & a guiding light.

Take care & good luck

anemia can also result besides death. and horrible scars...please get help

Don't go emo, it's overrated

you r asking "what can happen if you cut ur wrist"
my answer to you is : you will see blood coming out from ur wrist...
so my advice is, prepare more bandage....


Adam S
Man--- You just cant get enough attention can you.

If you do it again, next time, pour some lemon juice in the wound.

And then tell everyone on yahoo answers about your insecurity problem...

Get some help. see a counselor. You are probably scaring the $hit out of your parents.

Paul S
You will end up in hell's fire. Dont let other people rule you. Tomorrow will be a better day.

N0LaNbPiMpIn985 F.O.B.
i hope nuthin

Please get into therapy. You can't quit on your own. Please get help.

Go to the ER first, then go to a Psychiatrist. They'll probably have one on call at the ER.

dac f
you could bleed to death. please keep your wrists free from sharp objects!

oh yeah, and God Loves you unconditionally. he speaks your language and knows you better than anyone else. I have been down some very dark paths myself and he helped me through it all weather I believed or not.

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