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 What stung me??
i was swiming in the pacific ocean in south carolina and was stung by something.
i dont know what it was i thought it was a jellyfish because thats the only thing i know of that would sting me (...

 My sons surgery was 6/8/2007. complete knee replacement. his heel burns,toe's tingle, numbness?

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 Is it possible to strain your tongue?
You can pull a calf muscle or a back muscle - so is it possible to "pull" your tongue?
And also, how strong is the tongue in comparison to other muscles?
Thanks a lot everyone!...

 Why is my left pinky toe...?
When I wear shoes for like 10-15 minutes, my left pinky toe has a "pins and needles" feeling and it is a little numb. My shoes fit me, too. What could be the problem?...

 Can you walk again if you were pronounced paralyzed from an accident?
Do you think this is possible? Have you ever heard of or known someone involved in an accident and they had spinal cord problems, leading to paralysis? If so, how has their/did their recovery process ...

 I have bruise and i was wondering how to get rid of it. Should i put ice on it?

 What's wrong with my finger?
My right index finger started hurting a few days ago, and there was this blus sopt on there. At first, I thought it was a splinter, but as the days passed on, that part of my finger became hyper ...

 Have a spider bit that popped and green is coming out of the hole which is the size of a straw?
spider ...

 Why is a scab more itchy when it's healing?
surely it shouldnt itch so that we don't accidentally take it off whilst scratching. it's not infected, even the nurse says itching is a sign of healing. WHY though!?
Additional D...

 How do i give myself a black eye?
no ...

 Ill and could not attend exam?
today i had sever back pain and i have an open university exam but i cannot sit in a chair for 3 hours my back is painful, i am concerned that the university will not let me resit the exam, i really ...

 Is your pinkey the same length as your thumb?
This morning I sat on my bed thinking about this and looking at my hand....

 Swollen ankles, painful?
the space right in front of my ankles is swolen and it hurts

why is that and whhat do i do?

it feels like there fluid or something

easy 10points to best answer!!!!!!...

 My dad broke his elbow, and he's feeling really cold?
like he's shivering...and he doesn't want to go to anymore doctors! do you know why he feels cold, or what I can do?...

 How can you break your arm?
just ...

 Have i fractured my arm?
On wednesday i was at thorpe park when i whacked my arm on a ride as it started. The ride was called Stealth. The ride was around 10 seconds long. When i got off i looked at my arm and saw a bruise ...

 Why is my upper back and shoulders always hurting?
Im a senior in high school and i use to carry all my books in my bag my freshmen year, i also use to sit down at the computer a lot. that was after i stopped playing sports in high school. My upper ...

 Can you crack a bone or break it slightly with little pain or swelling?
after drunkenly having an armwrestle the otherday, my left arm at the top hurts in a strange way, and it doesnt feel like a muscle, is it possible to crack a bone and not be in agony, its been ...

 Elbow Injury?
My elbow is under some bad pain. There is a tingling, painful, "pins-and-needles" sensation spreading into my forearm. The arm also feels quite weak and not very stable. Any ideas on what ...

What are the sign that you have a blood clot in your leg?

A blood clot in the leg is a prerequisite to a pulmonary em bolus.As you wait for a answer consider the following.A pulmonary embolus is fatal upwards of 95%.I would encourage you to seek immediate medical attention(assuming your still alive).

Your big toe turns black and falls off.

You must first have a cut then it clots. Check if there's a cut.

I should know the answer to this. I've had 4 blood clots in the last 4 years. The last one was a partial clot left from last year. I am still recovering from it. The typical signs are swelling, pain, hot or warmness to the touch, & veins popping out and bursting.

Blood clots in your leg, also known as deep vein thrombosis (DVT), are caused by problems with your circulation, injury, or a blood problem. Symptoms of a DVT are swelling in the area of the clot (could be in your lower leg or upper leg, that area will be swollen.) if the clot is in your upper leg, the swelling will go down the rest of your leg too. Gradual onset of pain is also a good sign. Sometimes its described as a dull ache, sometimes as a sharp pain. If the clot is in your calf, your calf will be very tender. The area around the clot will be warm to touch (warmer than the rest of your skin) and sometimes reddened. Pain will usually increase when you are bending your foot (doing ankle pumps)
Sometimes, the clot can break free and travel to your lungs causing pulmonary emboli (clot in your lung), which can be deadly.
If you think you may have a clot, then call a dr right away. Normal treatment includes blood thinner (usually Heparin at first, then they wean you onto Coumadin) Once the blood is thin enough to prevent new clots from forming, your body will dissolve the existing clot. Most of the time, they do not remove the clot surgically unless your situation is severe, but each case is different.

so sick of being broke
When your leg aches or throbs and you cant do anything to make it feel better. Check with your doctor.

You may feel a "cord" in your leg. Other signs are swelling, and increased pain with flexion of the foot.

I just had a blood clot in my neck and imagine it isn't much different in the leg. First: It hurts. Feels warm. Swollen.did I say it hurts?

Bobby the WOOD Heenan
Well, typicaly your leg will be sore in the spot localized but the dead giveaway is the swelling. Try to see a doctor about getting an ultrasound of the leg. If it is a DVT (deep vein thrombosis), you want to jump on that as soon as possible


Buzz s
Swelling or pain deep in one leg only that comes on all of a sudden.

Severe pain in the calf, swelling, increased temperature, pain with squeezing the calf or flexing the foot. Fever and increased white blood cell count are also a lesser known symptoms. This should be considered an emergent situation.

You do not have to have a cut to have a clot (otherwise known as a DVT)...it can be brought on by a number of medical conditions especially when combined with prolonged bed rest.

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