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 Is it possible to live after being shot in the head?
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 Is it bad if i get hit in the head everyday?
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 What is it called? Please help!?
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 What happens when you swallow a quarter?

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For those of you wondering ,it was'nt me, it was my boyfriend,his friend thought it would be funny to put it perfectly on top of his beer bottle,and he ...

I was in class and we were working on a class play when i was pushed and i hit my head HARD on the cement floor. I went home after that and i feel: REALLY tired, its hard to walk straight and, i am ...

None Y
What are easy ways to break my ankle?

hit it with a 12 pound sledge 3 times

Yamankaâ„¢ [WWJD]
i dont know why you would want to but try standing on an edge of a stair or an edge of a curb. take one foot and lay it sideways at the end of the stair so its hanging over it. then just fall and it should break you ankle =/


Well anyway if your crazy here are some suggestions.

Jump off from the top of really long stairs.

Run really fast and while your running twist your leg a little

Climb and then jump of a tree.

Take a three pound sledge hammer and pound on it until it breaks.

slip and fall on some ice, fall down the stairs

Veronica B
Well, this is quite an odd question, but I hate when people leave smartass comments, so here I go. Many common ways are to slip off the side of a curb, have a bad fall, in tumbling/gymnastics, landing on it the wrong way, getting it hit with something, etc.

just op your roof withg oyu ankle at an agle... onto 1 foot, hope i helped...

btw plz dont its worse than u think it is and costs money to getr crutches

lol,,, if u really want to know,,,,,, then put ur foot in some kind of tight hole, and fall sideways onto the gorund..... hard.

Dakota :)
i wouldnt reccomd breaking your ankle
the pain is immense and its prob gonna hurt ..from experience...but if you really must know wear some high heels and run in them

I just saw your wrist question. I hope you are just being silly and immature. There is no pleasure in broken bones. Do something to make me know your just a kid with a weird sense of humor. Come on, smile at us, you've got everyone thinking you're nuts.


um, jump off a roof? Might break your leg instead, if that's ok. Might I ask why you want to break your ankle?

why do you want to break your ankle?
are you like Claire Bennett from heroes that heals or what?
if you have a gun shoot your self.

Become highly skilled at basketball.

Then become an All-American high school basketball player.

Then get drafted into the NBA by the Phoenix Suns

Then play as point guard against the Denver Nuggets.

Then guard Allen Iverson.

Then when he does a cross-over move against you...you'll get faked out, fall backward and it'll break your ankles.


kaitlin.< 3
Why would you want to break your ankle?

dg g

y would u want to????

watch the movie 'Misery' it will give a quick way to do it..but you may need someone to help :) and probably best have some very strong painkillers handy !


Break your arm...
Break your leg...

But your ankle is a part of your body that is fragile and if you snap the wrong bone you will be f*cked for LIFE...

Think about the arthritis when you get older!!

PLEASE do not break your ankle...

Choose a less potentially crippling bone to break!

why would you do that?

I think your head is broken for wanting to know how to break your ankle. See a counselor.

You could cause life long problems by breaking bones.

When I broke my ankle the pain was so bad that I kept vomiting. If you plan on doing this on purpose, talk to someone about it because it's a serious indication of a more basic problem. Self mutilation and injury can lead do something worse, get help now.

sounds , painful , never try to hurt myself, are body parts,,,,

banana pudding
what the helll?

Daniel K
Why would you want to?

Why do you want to brake your ankle,
trust me it is very painful

soccer4lifeeee !
are you kidding me ? whatever reason you want to it is definitely not worth it. i broke my elbow last fall and i am still going to physical therapy because it still hasnt healed. BELIEVE ME IT ISN WORTH IT !

what the heck? y would u wanna break ur ankle? need more attention?

find another way to cope with your problem

★ La Dolly Vita ★
get drunk and run around in high heels.

Mrs M. Starr

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