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What's the best way to heal an ankle sprain quickly?
I know rest, ice, compression, elevate. Anything else?

Epsom salt soaks, Icy Hot and stay off of it as much as possible!

sorry time is the only other thing. I guess that takes the quick out of it.

Here's How:
Protect the sprained ankle.
This is quite simple, but amazingly common for people to forget. Don't walk on the sprained ankle, and protect it from further contact by immobilizing with a splint or brace.

Take a few days off of your feet. You don't have to be inactive, but be sure the ankle is being rested. Possible exercises you can do include swimming and cycling.

This can be done several times a day for 15-20 minutes. This will keep the swelling to a minimum. Do NOT ice for more than 20 minutes, it will do more damage than good. For more information about icing an injury, read on...

This does not have to be all of the time, but particularly when your foot is not elevated it would be advisable. A simple Ace wrap is fine for light compression.

This will also help to minimize the swelling that takes place. A few pillows under the ankle should be fine to get the leg up enough while keeping the injured limb comfortable.

Seek professional help.
While most ankle injuries are simple and heal naturally over a short time, some injuries are more severe and can necessitate more aggressive treatment.

Never ice for more than 20 minutes.
Many people think the more the better, but this is not true! Maximum ice time should be 20 minutes every few hours. Read on for more information about icing an injury.

Get creative with icing your sprained ankle.
A bag of frozen corn or peas makes a great ice pack -- and it's both reusable and edible.

Compression bandages should be snug, not tight.
If too tight, your circulation will be impaired, and the healing process slowed.

it all depends on how badly u sprained if it isn't too severe u should be up in and around in about a week. i had a very severe
sprain, to the point they didn't know if it was a sprain or a break and i ended up on crutches for 3 and half weeks so it just depends--good luck!!!!!!!!!

black mamba
walk on it a little
but after the second or third day
and put a wrap on it after you take the splint off

Local remedy soak in epsom salt and stay off your feet.

My remedy...take a Hammer and hit your self in the head and your ankle won't hurt no more.

Take a brown paper bag and soak it in white vinegar-wrap arounf ankle and hold with string or rubber bands-use over night-got info from an old Amish guy

Rest it--cut out your typical exercise and really let it rest. Walk on it, but nothing else. Ice it regularly (about 15 min at a time, a couple times per day). If its swollen, keep it elevated when you ice it. Arnica gel also will help it along.

You won´t believe this but, it actually works. I have hurt my ankles several times- twice severely. I used to skate, I was good, but I was also a damn fool, so I would do stupid stuff off high places, handrails, etc. what I found to work really well is this:

Take several potatoes, do NOT wash them, but DO peel them. After that, grind them down, using any kitchen machinery you want, as if you were making mashed potatoes, but raw, you see what I mean...? When you have plenty of this "raw mashed potato goop", wrap it in cloth or something (I would use an old t-shirt, it was best because of how thin a shirt is compared to other stuff, such as a towel, per say). wrap THAT around yr. ankle, real tight, and just sit there, with your ankle elevated.


Take a multi-vitamin with your biggest meal every day.

You can also try arnica ointment from a health food store.

what you should do is rool your foot five times a day and don't push hard on it. also do a figure-eight wrap (wrap your ankle in an elastic bandage to control swelling and to support and protect it. and continue wrapping loosely about six inches above the leg. Don't wrap so tightly that yout toes go numb or turn red) hope it feels better

Dragon Empress
As long as you keep it wrapped in an elastic bandage (take off at night) then it should ease the pain and heal quicker.


that should be your first goal in the first 24-48hrs. you can also do very gentle Active range of motion but non-weight bearing. this will encourage blood flow that will help bring needed nutrients and flush out toxins etc. a support may be worn if necessary but not at night as it will decrease blood flow and therefore limit the amount of lymphatic drainage (the swelling). make sure over the next few days you do not challenge the ankle too much, off stairs, no uneven surfaces.
the important thing to remember is if you sprain your ankle often it's likely do to laxity (looseness) of ligaments and weakness of muscles. you need to improve the strength of your ankle muscles because ligaments generally don't tighten up again. physio is a good source for exercises. they depend on which ligaments you strained.

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