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 Normal? Its been four weeks since I sprained my ankle, and there is still much pain when I twist it gently.?
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 Is it a serious issue to have a big bruise 3 days after giving blood?
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 My left hand is half numb, only the pinky and ring finger. there is slight sensation. can anyone help me?
i have looked a few things up and still cant figure it out. i dont think its caparal tunnel because its starts from your thumb to your middle finger, never your pinky. im so confused. is it life ...

 I have a bump right under my chin that hurts when I put pressure on it what do you think it is?
I didn't hit my chin on anything, and it isn't briused....

What's the best thing to do for a smashed finger nail.?
Yesterday at work I smashed my finger and now my nail is turning black, should I cut a hole in the nail to let the blood drain or should I just leave it alone

Leave it alone....and put some ice!!!

Thor R
See a doctor!

Robert B
I have not done that in years it hurts way to much. Draining the blood is only necessary if there is swelling and discomfort. If there is you can do it your self or see a doctor. Other wise read and apply http://www.helium.com/tm/148271 to speed up the healing process.

you poor thing, bet that hurt. Take some ice and put in a bowl and add cold water. Than put your finger in there and try and let it soak for a while. You can take it out if its too cold but than keep putting it back in as long as you can stand it. Than It will numb the pain and make it stop hurting so much. My Nail lady told me about this.

did you realy smash your fingure or is this another one of those metopher wording things...
if you did ouch i have done that and it sure does hurt i hope you feel better

Jessicca Francis
Get it checked it sounds like an infection.

Amber F
Defiantly leave it alone. Its exactly like a bruise anywhere else just underneath a nail. It'll take alot longer to heal too.

go to hospital. minor injuries.

you need to get it checked out. my be infected by the sounds of it

I say leave it alone I smached mine in a car door a few years back and I just had to leave it although it takes a while to heal.

mate o mine has ingrowing toenail. goes to the clinic every so often and they pull it all out with pliers.and a new one grows. i dunno about your fingernail though as im not a doc. pop down your clinic and see the nurse, or just leave it and let a new one grow

Yes poke a hole in it! Trust me, I smashed my finger in a car door and the same thing happened to me. What you need to do it get a niddle, like a sewing needle, and put it over fire, a candle and let it get hot. Then take the tip and poke your finger nail a couple of times. Make sure you do it good enough to drain the blood. It doesnt hurt one bit and it will relieve so much pressure and make it stop throbbing. I promise this is the best thing to do.

Edit: Dont listen to these other people! I didnt know that I should poke it with a needle until I talked to someone about it who was a nurse. There is no need to go the hospital. When I did it it relieved it instantly when before it was so painful because of the pressure of the blood in my fingure. When you poke it, it drains that blood, thus taking away the pressure and pain. Trust me.

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