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 My brother just fell off my garage and cannot move..what should i do ?
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 I partially dislocated my elbow but my doctor says 6 weeks after 3 weeks i think it is way too long?
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General Ambrose Burnside
Water in ear several days ago, still can't hear fully?
A few days ago, I was swimming, when water got into my ear, so I dripped some rubbing alcohol into the ear and it cleared up slightly.
I continued swimming (stupid, I know), but nothing else happened until later. I was listening to some music with my headphones on, when upon taking them off and looking in the mirror, I found the blocked ear was completely covered with dried yellowish goo, which I can only assume was earwax.
This, however, did not help the hearing. I was only hearing about 50/60% as well from that ear, and decided it was likely the water had created a plug in front of the drum, so I used some anti-earwax drops, and a rubber syringe of warm water, which actually felt like it was doing something. This however was not the case, no earwax drained, and my hearing is still not 100%.
Putting my finger over the ear causes a strange plasticy container-lid pressing sound, without the usual discomfort and rumbling sound that normally causes (and still does in my other ear).
Additional Details
Woops, put this in the wrong category. Oh well.

Yeah, you should go to the doctor. Even though I know what your talking about. They are able to see what is atcually there, and help you get it out.


empty your ears like a bottle or yon

jennifer h
OKAY you have to stop putting stuff in your ear take some olive oil warm put in a dropper and put 3 maybe 4 drops in it dont put nothing else this will work

john b
Well my friend how long did you us the oil for before you tried
the syringe it takes about 4 to 5 day for the was to soften enough to flush out and try Olive oil its cheaper the ear drops and less likely to make you ear sore

Wait one more day to see if anything happens, if that doesnt work(ive tried it),
spray more water in the ear, but if that doesnt work or makes it worse, go to the doctor.

immedately you need to consult ENT doctor who will guide you

Casey T
Go and see a doctor about this problem. Most likely you are not having an infection but it could turn out to be.

This is something that you should stop doing is hearing all the remedies that can get an ear unplugged from water. The olive oil is the only thing I read that is suitable for your case.

If you do have one of those ear wax cleaners which is not water soluble and it is something that you can help extract the ear wax out of the ear then use it....use a cotton bud, wet it a little and stick it in your ear and slowly roll around in your ear and see what is the color of the bud. If there are any signs of blood or puss, you must go and see the doctor to get help.

This is the best that I can help with you as I do not know how exactly your ears got the yellowish stuff in there.

Good luck and hope this had helped.

Heat therapy. Place a warm (not hot) heating pad over or against your ear it will help to reduce pain also if you have it. Hopefully you will be fine by tomorrow. If not you should seek advice from a doctor.
Ear protection. Keep your ear dry while it's healing. Use earplugs when showering or bathing. Don't swim or clean your ears until the infection is gone if you have one; and water is completely dried out.

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