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Andrea S
Toddler fell. Has bad rug burn on nose and upper lip?
What can I put on my 2year old's nose and upper lip to make it heal and prevent scars?

♥Science Nerd♥
awwww, is he or she okay? to prevent scarring, you can try putting a topical cream on his lip and nose so that will help help your lil one heal quickly. First Aid cream works really well.

Cold flannel or even ice. After you must keep the burn moist with germolene or something similar to stop drying out too fast. If in doubt consult a doctor but its not rocket science - just lifes basics.

Don't take answers from this forum. Depending on whether it is a scrape, gash, burn you may want to apply different things. Consult a doctor. Don't accept advice from the many strongly opinionated people in this posting!

Kevin M
Neosporin or any of its generic counterparts. (Triple Antibiotic Oitment)


coco butter

I would put first aid ointment on it. That's what we do with mine =).

I guess any other moisturizing ointment would work. And make sure he or she doesn't pick at the scabs!

I got carpet burn when I was young my mum put sudo on it, its a type of cream... And I have no scaring, I loved sudo always made me feel better when I was a little kid...

girl of the moment :)
Neosporin + pain releif cream

neosporin also has scar solutions too

but the regular neosporin or the cream with pain relief would work wonders.

The absolute best is fresh aloe from an aloe plant. If you don't have an aloe plant, aloe gel for sunburns will help. There shouldn't be any scarring. :( Hope your 2yo feels better. Boo carpet burns!

Ouch !!!100% Aloe Vera Jell, available OTC If you have an Aloe Vera Plant open the Leaf and apply the jell. As often as possible. it will help to heal it faster, and stop the burn from itching. If there is a very deep wound, there are creams OTC that prevent scaring. Hope your both feel better soon. Happy New Year.....

just me!

OUCH! neosporin (cant spell) trust me iit works ;)

Patient Paws
I don't think rug burns can scar, but I may be mistaken.

Put on anything that will prevent scars, neosporin will work well. A bandaid probably isn't a good idea for a toddler, but you can try those liquid kinds if you like, as long as he/she doesn't have a runny nose.

???? you should probly take him to the doctor.

Aloe Vera. It is good and soothing for the skin and it is edible; but I agree with proedu, this is your baby, you want to do everything right.

Ice it down if u can most won't let u or at least a cold rag then get some neosporin or even some diaper rash cream but only one of those and rub it were the rug burn is. It should clear within a day or so no big worries my kids fall constantly they rough house and they are both girls

nose i would say neosporian.... i dont really know about the lip cuz since he's two he will prolly just lick what ever u put on there off

neosporin , and dont bandage it , neosporin will help heal it faster and also prevent a bad scar , a bandage will keep it moist and hinder healing , also they sell neosporin + pain relief , that should help with the burning

Monica K

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