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Sudden knee pain - can't bear weight! What's wrong?
I have a bad right knee. I've hurt it a few times over the years the last time being about 4yrs ago or so. My knee pain has been on and off but NEVER this bad.

This morning about 10mins ago I was in my closet. I bent down to look at something. I don't remember if I squatted, sat down to look or what. But I got up, walked over to a book shelf to look for something then when I went to walk away I had HORRIBLE pain in my knee. I couldn't even bear weight on it, it hurt so bad.

I sat down on the bed rubbing it. The pain was in the right knee, behind the knee and on the right side of my knee. I caught my breath and went to stand again. Same awful pain.

We homeschool so I called my 11yr old to go get some crutches so I could get to the other side of my bed. While waiting for her I was able to bend my knee outward and inward with out much pain. Yet when I stood to bear weight on it AWFUL pain.

I have ice on it now.

What in the world is wrong?

This is no April Fools joke.
Additional Details
WebMD says it is this -

Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Injuries.

Could it be from an old injury? I mean all I did this morning was walk and one time bend down. (sigh)

This is the last thing we need right now. (sigh) : (

A. R.
broked knee

Before doing exercise you should stretch

John D
you either snapped a leg ligament or tore a tendon.
Most likely the bone in your knee (tiny piece of bone) shot into a nerve. As you step on it the nerve shoots impulses to the brain saying i am trying to stand but this thing is in me. That's why when you STAND you Feel it hurt and not when you bend the knee.

Ms. Ruffles
maybe u have a torn ligament. go see a doctor

possible torn meniscus...go to ur doctor or urgent care...

could be fluid on the knee it cause great pain go to doctor to check it out.

Happy- Go
edit : I tore my ACL this came from an accident on a four wheeler. You would know if you tore this trust me its like 3 popping sounds and you feel like you broke your leg. I feel you may have tore your meniscus which happens as people get older !!!

Consult your doctor.

Then track your results at http://www.TrainHero.com

good luck!

You need to go get it checked. Probably tore a ligament or something. They will give you anti inflammatory meds and tell you what's up with it. Sorry you had that happen.

Dea B
i would go to an immediate care center.. not being able to bear weight is NEVER a good sign..

sounds to me like a meniscus injury but could very well be ACL...

hopefully not...

until u get it looked at stay off that knee.. ice and elevate.. and use the crutches to get around

best of luck

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