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Stubbed my toe, think its broke, how do i tell?

usually the toe will get purple. Either way there is nothing you can do for it, just time heals it.

cutie pie!
can you move it? does it look a little odd?? because if its croked thats probably an indication that its broken. other then that thiers no real way of telling without an xray

Only sure way is a x-ray

Can you move it? How bad is the swelling? If you can move it around, it probably ain't broke.

If you thnk you have a broken toe, go get it X-rayed. It is a lifelone investment. If your toe is broke and is not taken care of properly it will bother you the rest of your life.

move it around to see if it's still moving or not.. ;)

It will get black and blue and hurt,,, sorry :((

You will definitely know if it is broken becuase it will hurt like hell. I broke my middle toe and it hurt so bad it was hard to walk. It may or may not turn purple--mine didn't. Not much they can do for you if it is indeed broken. I took to taping my toes together to that it took some pressure off my broken toe until it healed.

move it if it really hurts than x ray it

if you can wiggle it ..it ain't broke

Buzz s
If it really hurts, and there is some displacement of the toe so that the joint is bent in a fashion it shouldn't be, then it is broken.

Ms. Breeze
It's hard to tell. You can go to the doctor or emergency room but unfortunately there is not much they can do for a broken toe except bandage your foot. Can you move it at all?

I broke my big toe when I was 14. I was running in the sand and when I tried jumping over the bricks to get to the grass, there was too much sand and I hit my toe pretty hard. When I landed on my foot, and I tried to keep running, I wasn't doing anything but limping and I had a horrible pain in my toe. I looked at it, and noticed it was horribly crooked. So we went to the DR & they told me my toe was broke.
So mainly if you can't walk on it..and it hurts to bend back & forth..and if it's crooked, you got yourself a broke toe.

If it hurts a lot, get an xray. If it is broken, yes the toes are taped together. The normal toe acts like a splint for the broken one. However if the big toe is broken you will need something more sturdy, like walking cast with a toe splint that extends to immobilize the toe.

if its purple and doesn't go away, then it might be broke, however the hospital does very little for broken toes anyway, they wrap it to the next toe.

If it is extremely painful to move it, instantly swollen and dark to blackish blue, its a pretty sure thing.

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