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 Knee cracks and kind of hurts sometimes?
Yeah sometimes my right knee cracks, like when I ride a small bike or extend it sometimes when pressure is put on it (ex. pushing something while laying down with my legs). I remember in elementary ...

 Why is it called a "broken nose" when the bone of the nose is not brokn, but its the cartilage thats affected?
Cartilage bends not breaks?...

 Why is my leg turning green?
I was involved in an accident last week where my leg (just below the knee) swelled up. The swelling has been there all along. suddenly last nite my ankle started turning green. Any ideas why?

 Sunburn and a dirty pool?
I have to swim in P.E. to graduate but I just got sunburnt. It isn't really bad, but I'm worried about it in our nasty, grungy school pool. It is really gross and I've gotten sick from ...

 What can you do to help someone who has been shot?
I recently witnessed a shooting and was wondering what a person can do to help the victim while waiting for the ambulance to arrive. What do you do if they're shot in the chest? Arm? Leg, etc?...

 I am 37yrs old and im disabeld because of my back the doctors say that one wrong move could parlize me for lif
I was always a ative person now i cant do crap now its realy ...

 I hurt my ankle tonight and im wondering if i took some pain killers if i would be able to walk on it tomorrow
i was running for the phone tonight and i twisted my ankle and i can walk on it but barely and i have a very important paintball tournament tomorrow, if i take some pain killers tonight and rest it ...

 I hurt my leg at cheerleading what do i do?

 Is it possible??
Of course, me being retarded yesterday, chasing after my sister, hurt myself and now I got a question... She had tried to shut the bedroom door, sorta as a diversion so that she could get away, but, ...

 Dont you hate it when you bite your tongue?
it seems like after you bite it the fist time it swells up and then you keep biting it more....

 How are some ways you could break your ankle or wrist?

 Finger broken or just jammed?
so like i was at volleyball practice today and im a setter so i was setting and it wasn't a good ball to set but i tried anyways. well the only finger that hit the ball was my left index finger ...

 I worked for a company (a bar) for over 6 years and during my employment I held titles from bouncer to VP.?
The whole time I worked there, no matter what title I had, I was always the one who got to "bounce" people out of the bar for various reasons because of my size (6'6", 230lbs). I...

 I am suffering from back pain from past 3 odd years , i consulted doctors, many medicines over, no results?
i usually suffer from back pain, but there is no solution. i consulted the doctor in mangalore, who is a famous bone specialist.still the pain is not ...

 I fell on my back and it still hurts after 2 weeks??
I fell hard during a ringette game, but it wasn't on my tailbone, it still hurts after a game and always when i bend over or squat for even 4-5 minutes. Should I get it checked out by the ...

 Self Injury Cover Up Question.?
I was a cutter for about 3 years then I stopped. I have thick, purple scars that stick out of my skin on my wrists, upper arms, belly, and ankles. I constantly have to lie to people's face and ...

 What Happens When you??
You break a rib, what do the doctors do??
how do they fix it???...

 I gave blood 2 days ago, and now my arm is horribly bruised
It's the first time I've donated and although it didn't hurt, my arm looks pretty gross now. When I took my plaster off, there was a small bruise, however when I woke the next morning,...

 So i hurt my hand today...?
my hand is really sore and it hurts to move me fingers around. not sure what i did to my hand, and nothing is broken at all. anything i can do to heal my hand? i have taken ibuprofen to ease the pain,...

 I stood on a rusty nail..?
i stood on t last night and ive soaked it in some salty water

what else should i do?
people say i should go to hospital but i ...

Sprained ankleand still swollen 5 weeks later...?
I sprained my ankle over 5 weeks ago. I was running and turned on it. The pain was excruciating, but didn't last long, so I continued my run pretty much immediately. After my exercise I'd completely forgotten about my ankle, but when I looked down at it I saw it was VERY swollen. Over the next couple of day I rested it and iced it. It hurt a little when I walked but not too bad. Five weeks later I have no pain whatsoever in my ankle, but it is still just as swollen as when I first hurt it. Could it be because I'm not eating enough protein??? Will it go back down to 'normal' size?

most prob hair line fracture, if u had a torn ligament u woulden been running anywhere after that. go get an x-ray


often when you break your ankle it hurts less than if you sprained it... u probably broke it, go get an x ray

Its broken. they will proably have to rebrake it and reset it.

i should go to your local accident and emergency department and get it checked out

It's normal, a sprain is the sudden stretching of a ligament. You may have stretched it severally and may need to check back with you doctor but the swelling can go on for 2 or 3 months just according to how bad you stretched the ligament, and sometime strains result in ruptured, torn, or snapped ligaments which only x ray can reveal.

Ohio State Man
see a doctor

You need an xray. See a doctor asap. it may be broken.

since you continued to run after the original injury, you created additional damage, now it is likely your tendons are thickened, which will not change, and you still have the inflammation causing swelling. Suggest that you need to do the right thing and elevate and ice that ankle until the swelling is gone, or you may be stuck with that thick ankle for life.

You may have damaged a ligament, thus the swelling, I'd check with a good ortho pod and see what they have to say.

The Good Nightmare
I am not a doctor but maybe it is cracked? Well whatever it is I would go to the doctor immediately.

Good Luck,
The Good Nightmare

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