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Additional Details
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 Ughhhh im scARED help!?
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Couple month ago I saw another ...

 Can ice cut you and draw blood?
Just curious......

 I was hurt at work. What is the best way to get the money I deserve if the company isn't willing to pay?
I work at a factory, I sequence parts for GM. I was sitting at my desk when another employee ran in to me with a tugger. A tugger is a car-like machine that hauls train like carts of commidities, ...

 Severe abnormal pain in my calves when exercising. I've been exercising consistantly for a month now.?
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 Have you ever fainted and accidentaly hit your head?
that happend to me.. didnt eat in the morning then cleaned my house got dizzy and fainted in the bathroom and pretty sure i hit my head...i have a sore head and migraine.. its been around for two ...

Sometimes my ear hurts when I sleep on it wrong. Why?
I sleep on my side or belly on a down pillow. Sometimes I'll wake up in the middle of the night as if my ear was bent or something. It takes 5-10 minutes for the discomfort to go away. Perhaps there's a wrinkle in the pillow?? Am I alone in suffering this phenomenon? Am I being visited by aliens??
Additional Details
I do NOT suffer from pilloweatmyearitis. But whoever suggested closing my window might be on to something. I always keep it open, year round. Perhaps it is aliens . . . hmmmmmm

the cartilage in your ear has been bent causing the pain

Lori K
You may be bending your ear. It happens to restless sleepers.

Your ear hurts because you are sleeping on it wrong!! It probably just gets bent back when you move your head and you don't realize it until you wake up.

No, I get that too. Dont know what It Is though. I also get It If I wear some types of sun glasses. Its gets quite sore.

Buff Me
its like if you lean on your arm or leg to long it falls asleep then goes away after you shake it out.

if you sleep on your ear for to long it hurts a little maybe because you stopped the blood flowing properly. I slept on my ear a little to long to a few times, it did hurt for a little while but went away

the body is wierd

Your ear consists of very soft cartilage, so if you bend your ear it doesn't hurt right away, but keep your ear bent for a few hours while you sleep and it will sure be sore when you wake up. Just like if you sleep with your neck in a weird position, you wake up with a sore neck. Try making sure your ear is flat on the pillow and not folded before you fall asleep.

This is not uncommon at all. The condition is called chondrodermatitis nodularis helicus - CNH. There are special ear cushions that you can buy that will take the pressure off your ear as you sleep - they're about $20.


Well first of all STOP SLEEPING ON YOUR EAR..
that must be painful........ close your window so aliens don't come in and chew on it.

quest girl
that happened to me and I bought a new pillow,( I think my pillow was too old ) it hasn't happened since, now watch, tonight it will happen to me.......

i get the dame thing. i thought i was completely alone! i wish i could answer this for you. I am bot a restless sleeper however, so i do not think we are "bending our ears" i wonder sometimes if it is just because there is a lot of pressure from the weight of my head on the pillow. if that makes any sense. all i can say is, you are not alone. it is so uncomfortable. I certainly hope we are not being visited by aliens. : )

Miss MeMe - ײיײי
It's just the weight of your head resting on your ear. Happens to everyone I'd assume - happens to me, I just role over.

Back to sleep Earthling, there is no such thing as aliens.....hehehe<------ evil laugh.

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