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Should you cover a burn?
I have a small, really new burn on my arm and i keep catching the skin, so i want to put a plaster on. But i'm told you shouldn't cover a burn. Could i put a plaster on?


ade r
No no no no let the air get to it and it will heal quicker

Harry E
Put some aloa vera skin lotion on the burn, it'll sooth the pain and prevent bad scaring to your skin!

Get yourself some 1% Silvadene Cream. Any physician can prescribe it, or you may be able to get it from the pharmacist. Just ask. (if you buy the generic brand it'll be dirt cheap.)
Keep it in your frig. This cream is a miracle cream.

Two years ago I fell asleep on my heating pad. When I woke up I had 2nd and 3rd degree burns on my back and butt when I woke up. (The pad was on my back when I fell asleep but moved while I was sleeping.)

I immediately called my best friend, who happens to be an NP. She brought over the Silvadene and started applying it to my skin. Two weeks later with NO hospitalization required, my burns were almost healed. I have only one small scar in the crack of my _ss. Thats it. I would have had many scars without it. DO NOT apply neosporin to it. That won't work and may hinder healing.

When you apply the cream just be sure to cover it at that time. I like to apply it overnight. The cream is cool to the touch and is very soothing immediately. During the day just let it breathe, and try to be careful with it. You will end up scarring it if you keep interrupting healing.

Best of luck to you. Get healed the fast way. Get some Silvadene TODAY. You can thank me later:o)


ps I'm the only person I know who could manage to burn my _ss....!~

no let the air dry it .

if it is a new burn keep it covered to stop infection keep an eye on it for any signs of infection after a day or so a plaster wont hurt but take it off if you don't think you are going to knock it when at home

natasha *
I used to be told this, but I had a nasty burn on my leg which turned into a water blister. I covered it, and accidently burst it after a few days. And do you know what, it is the one burn that hasnt scarred my skin!

Yes you should as well as some antiseptic/burn cream to help fight the start of infection.

michael c
never a plaster as this will only retard healing use a light strip of bandage or cotton ,place it over the burn and fasten at the ends with tape so the air can still get under it but the burn is protected from any contact with your clothes.

Dr Frank
If there is any shin break it may allow bacteria to get in. If you are going to cover it, it is however better to use a dry gauze cover secured with a tape or a light cotton bandage, as this will do less damage to the skin than elastoplast.

a dry clean bandage is best. if the burn is really small then a plaster need not matter.

Maggie B
Simply cover it with gauze, then it is covered but air can still get to it. If it is really hurting try an antiseptic spray/ something with Lidocaine or the like to numb and soothe it. IF, for some reason, you have the homeopathic remedy--arnica in cream feel free to apply a little. But if it simply bugging you because you catch it I'd leave it with just the gauze for a day or so then remove it, let your body do its thing. Just make sure if it gets nasty red or hurts lots to get it checked out.

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