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Rolled ankle outwards, so why does the inside hurt more?
I twisted my ankle stepping awkwardly off a kerb (I have a weak ankle anyway after repeated sprains) but this time it seems to hurt more on the inside than the outside, and there is more bruising on that side too...any ideas?
Additional Details
Ok, question sounds stupid...i mean that my foot rolled inwards, just what you'd expect

because the inside got pushed further out.

If you rolled the ankle outward, then the muscles/tendons/ligaments on the inside of the ankle were the ones stretched. That is where your injury site would be.

you probably pulled the tendon on the inside of your ankle causing the pain and bruising.

didn't you go to your doctor? are you putting cold compress on to get rid of swelling?

If you have turned your ankle inwards and it hurts on the inside, its because you have compressed the soft tissues on the inside of your ankle and subtalar joint. These include the Tibial nerve, which inserts into the foot, the 3 tendons on the inside of your ankle bone, and the blood vessels. I bet you have some pins and needles in the arch of your foot, and the bruising is from pinching of the posterior tibial artery.

I think it may be because when you roll the ankle out, you are stretching the inside. Ask a doctor

go to the dr.

go to you sport doc good luck

Richard W
Im no doctor but it may be because you streched the tendons on the inside more.

If your foot was on the outside when you hurt it, the inside is what would have suffered the strain and the tearing of muscle tissue, which will cause bruising and tenderness.

katie n
ligament damage.
or possibly bony damage. i would contact ur local a&e n get it xrayed.
most likely to be tendon/ligament damage.

Because you probably pulled some tendons and ligaments. I tore my ankle playing basketball and my whole leg up to my knee turned black. Recommend wearing an ankle brace. It will help prevent further injury. RICE Rest, ice, compression, and elevation are things you should do. For better health visit www.oasislifesciences.com sponser # 1204365 Have a great day!

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