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 What is the craziest/worst injury you have ever had?
What is the craziest/worst injury you have ever had?
Additional Details
craziest injury wins best answer!!!...

 MRI saftey?
I had rotator cuff surgery five years ago. I am going to have an MRI on the same shoulder. If the are any type of metal pins or screws in that shoulder, could they be affected by the MRI magnet? One ...

 Fell off ladder and slammed my head on a log, then the ground.?
A few bumps poped up and my head has been throbbing for the last 48 hrs. I took 2 Advil every 8 hrs but still feels like a hangover from hell. I was real sleepy but waited 8 hrs before I went to bed....

 What are the side effects of snorting baking soda?
me and my best friend need to know asap.
my friend in class said he got ripped of and it was really baking soda he said it still kinda gave the same buzz but.
what are the bad side effects?<...

 I think i might have smoked something bad please help!?
well on wensday(3 days ago) i smoked marijuana and well it hit me real hard but the day before i had just recoverd a stomach flu and the day i smoked it i had not eaten all day because and im not ...

 I stuck beans up my nose 4 days ago and i think they are starting to sprout.?
I know they have expanded up in there. Do you think i can grow a bean plant out of my nasal passage?...

 How can I make my skin stronger?
The skin on my hands has become very thin. Whenever I bump against something I tear the skin. I am not talking about wrenching on an engine and getting a knuckle buster, It happens when I am just ...

 Ankle problem?
I hurt my ankle pretty bad and its swollen and bruised what do I do?
Additional Details
I have had ice on it but the swelling doesn't go ...

 My throat hurts, i got some medicine, but any at home treatments?

 My eye's are hurting. please help?
I work in a warehouse, and i need my contacts in doing this job. for some reason, my eyes are red, slightly sore, and im getting alot of "crust" from them. when my contacts are on and my ...

 I socked a wooden door and my hand's been hurting for 6 weeks. It's not broken. Why does it hurt?
My right hand is not broken. It never got swollen or purple. I iced it a few minutes after I socked the door. My hand only feels a bit of pain when someone gives me a firm handshake or if I put some ...

 What type of injury could cause a blood blister?
When I picked my son (17-months) up from daycare yesterday, he had a small mark above his upper lip. It just looked like he probably busted his lip; no big deal. This morning; however, when I woke ...

 I plucked my hairline!!!Pleeeeeeeeeeea... Help me!?
I plucked my hairline and i brought it wayyyyyyy back!this was a little over a month and a half ago. a little bit has grown back but you can't tell.this is the dumbest thing i've ever done....

have u ever had any? if so, what were they???...

 Swollen wrist no bruises and full mobility?

 Should I see a doctor?
This morning as I was getting out of the shower, I was trying to take my goggles off at the same time and slipped. I hit my head on th toilet. It hurt for about an hour and then stopped hurting. It�...

 How can I reduce swelling (apart from ice packs)?
My physio told me not to dance...But I did dance and now my knee looks like a balloon.

I've had ice on it for hours but it hasn't helped.

What else can I do?...

 Post ACL surgery should I be worried (knee crushed in car accident)?
It has been a year now since my surgery and I have been taking it easy on my knee for fear of ripping the auto graft. I have not been very active besides the 2 mths of physical therapy but I returned ...

 Should I get an X-ray?
I got hit with baseball cleats oer 2 weeks ago, and I had two welts on my arm; a large one around my elbow and a smaller one around my wrist. The welt on my elbow has almost disappeared, and it is ...

 How do you stick your finger down your throat to vomit?
do you follow your tongue? or do you push up that little dangly that is in the back of the throat and i cant seem to remember what it is called at the moment. but ya people say stick your finger down ...

Pop a blister?
I have a blister on the ball of my foot the size of a half dollar. I know that if I want to drain it I should sterize, stick the side yada yada I know that. But will it heal (or heal faster) if I just leave it alone.

cutie pie!
dont pop it that could get it infected. You need to let it dry up naturally. leave it in the air. it will take a while but thats the best way to deal with it.

Most likely your poor fitting shoes, or new shoes caused this blister. If your not going to see a doctor, then go to a pharmacy and ask a pharmacist about an adhesive dressing for popped blisters such as "mole skin", when wearing shoes and walking I would wear some kind of dressing to not cause further damage from friction, at home I would wash it with warm water and soap, keep it clean and dry and apply, triple anibiotic ointment on it (bacitracin).

Leave it alone, once you open it up then your opening the door for bacteria or infections to come in, if it is to the point that you cant stand it anymore and you do have to open it, then keep the area clean and apply an antibotic cream and a bandaid. This will stop an infection from entering while covering the opened blister until it has had time to heal.

Pop it. it'll heal the sooner it dries up

You should NEVER pop a blister! Let it pop on its own and yes it will heal.

There is a big risk that if you drain it, that it will get infected and turn into something a lot worse. (Trust me, I had one that I popped and i got infected and swelled from the size of a fine pen dot to a dime-size and I couldn't walk or keep the leg standing without blood pouring out from it.) I think there are treatments for those that are available in the pharmacy and I think that you should go to your doctor to see what ointment might be right for you.

drain it and put antibacitracin ointment on it and at night let is breathe, in a few days it will be good as new

For me blisters are like tootsie roll pops...The world may never know...I never have the will power to leave it alone...I pop every one I get...

But I'm sure it will go away...eventually

Colleen M
I've always been told to leave it alone. It certainly does heal by itself - it's your body's way of protecting new skin. What happens when you get a blister is that you effectively killed the outer layer of skin. While the new skin is getting ready underneath, there is fluid between the two layers to protect the new skin from friction. When the new skin is ready, the old one peels right off. If you pop a blister, you are putting that new, raw skin at risk. It will hurt to walk on it, since it is very sensitive.

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