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Picture posted. Are the scratches from fingernails or from working out at a gym? Please help!?
Hi all, I posted a questions earlier this morning and now my friend has helped me post the picture of my husband's back on this link: http://www.expressimprints.com/backwithscratches.htm I'm not convinced from the reason that my husband gave me that those scratches he got was from working out at the gym (he lift weights to make his arms buffer). Please let me know what you think? I have got many answers that you hardly or never could get scratches on back from working out at the gym. 90% people think he cheated on me. Now, I have a picture for better judgment. I need your thoughts on this picture. Are the scratches from fingernails or from working out at the gym? Thanks for your time and help!

Mike D
Sorry lady - you can't get scratches like that from working out at the gym. Definitely cheating on you.

I work at a gym and I have seen this before AND it has happened to me before! It all depends on the clothes you are wearing (or not wearing). Ask your husband what shirt he was wearing, tighter clothes when pressed up agains heavy weights combined with sweat can cause scratchs, rashes, or even bruises. Also if you are not wearing a shirt that would cause more irritation because of the weights or benches rubbing agains the skin. Just by the picture alone I personally would believe his story...however your suspision is something that needs to be worked out between you guys together. Ask him about what he did while working out, how he could have gotten the scratches, see what his answers are and watch his reaction or if his story changes. If he is cheating on you, unless he's really good, he will get caught. However if he's not cheating your suspision could cause a rift in your marriage. Don't be too quick to accuse him. Try and talk through whatever is going on and maybe see a marriage councelor if nothing is solved. Good luck, keep strong :)

Those are NOT scratches. They are bruises. I get those too. They are due to the stretching motion in his exercise program causing capillaries to break. They don't clot immediately because he is are probably low in vitamin K. Eat more spinach.

Sorry to say but those are definitely nail scratch marks. Did he tell you what machine at the gym did that & also what was his reaction to you taking that picture of his back? Just trying to get more info but it doesn't look good.

those are definitely scratches from fingernails. Gym equipment cannot make scratches like that especially when it looks so symmetrical. Those marks looks like someone deliberately clawed his back.

Oh my gosh, those were some insane scratches. I can't imagine getting those from the gym. My husband works out at the gym 4 days a week and has NEVER gotten anything like that. He does free weights and bench presses along with the treadmill. He's never had marks on his back. If those are finger nail scratches then someone did a number on his back. I'm so sorry to say it... but I don't think he's being honest with you as how he got them.

Those really do not look like scratches to me. Scratches would be much thinner and would have broken the skin if they were going to stay around that long. It looks more like a rash than anything. Or an indian burn (you know, when your skin gets rubbed against something really hard and it feels like it's burning, but it doesn't break the skin?) which he very well could have gotten from the gym.

In my opinion, they do not look like scratches from fingernails. They don't look like scratches at all. Like I said, it looks like a rash or an indian burn. I think he could very well have gotten them from a piece of equipment. Depending on what shirt he was wearing and the backing of the seat he was sitting on.

Edit: Also, sometimes I get small red marks like that if my skin is really dry. So if he went to the gym, rubbed against the back of a machine and had dry skin, it's very possible that those came from a piece of equipment. Good luck with everything.

Number 3
Yes, they look like scratches from fingernails.

My partner works out 3 times a week, and the only time he has every had scratches like that on his back are when I had false nails on!

I have never seen any equipment in the gym that could scratch someones back in this way.

Did he tell you about the scratches or did you notice? How does he usually react when injured? My partner always asked my advice if he has scratched or bruised himself, and it would be out of character for him to not mention an injury like this. Was your husband overly cautious about showing you? Did he try to hide? Do you have any other reason to suspect that he may be being unfaithful?

I hope you find your answers. Perhaps you should tell him that you are going to make a complaint to the gym as they shouldn't have equipment that can harm in that way. His reaction may help you.

the fact that they look like handprints suggest that you're hubby is being les than honest with you, either that or his gym instructor is VERY friendly!!!

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