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People have told me that when you get your belly button pierced you can be paralysed if they hit a wrong nerve
is that true? can you like die from it or anything? im only 14... i was jw.... can you get any other problems?

toy trains for brains
thats the least of your worries

Selena B
No you can't unless you get an infection which gets septic.

lainie loo
Oh is that why i cant feel my legs!
Erm never heard of that one. Get all my piercing done by a professional, they did tell me you have to get the needle positioned correctly when doing tongue piercing as its poss to hit the main vein thingy which can lead to you bleeding ALOT and worse. Just don't be stupid and get ya mates to do ya belly button,get it done properly!

I have heard of there being a nerve near that area but never of anyone being paralysed. If still considering getting it done please go to a professional!

I don't think you would as they pierce the loose skin above or below the hole =which ever you prefer

Only if you have your belly button pierced by a large object (such as a lamp-post) would it end up hitting a nerve!!

That it nearly as absurd as the whole 'if you pick your nose your brain will fall out comment'. People often make things up to try and stop you from doing things. This is one of those times.

No, that's not true. The only way you could die from it is if it became infected and you became septic.

NO. They lie. Keep it clean by salt-water bathing it twice daily. it will swell & be very uncomfortable for a few days, but not REALLY painful. Make sure that the people doing it know what they're about. If it does hurt & weep, go to Doctors for infection, then back to shop for advice/moan.
Some things for a quality check;
Is someone you know happy with the work done by them?
Are they members of a trade association?
Is the shop clean?
Do they use fresh, sterile kit?
The best thing to do is;
Go into the shop & talk to the staff about why you want the piercing, the procedure, & your fears.

Firstly, you will need parental consent to get it pierced, even then many reputable piercers wont do it until you are older.

No, you cannot be paralysed through such a procedure, but as others have said, it is possible to die from an infection.
The reason being, that your umbilicus (belly button) carries unused wbut still active veins/arteries that were used while in your mothers womb.

Should you get an infection, it can spread very quickly around the body and to all the the major organs.

The other problems: it can hurt alot, and can also migrate (move from where it was inserted)

[life is peachy]
I've never heard of someone getting paralyzed because of getting their belly button pierced...but if it isn't done by a professional that uses sterile needles, there is a much greater risk of infection.

A few of my friends have had their belly button pierced and they didn't have any problems with it. If it's done by a professional there should be minimal problems with the piercing.

Big K
Well, those people are wrong. Not possible.

i never heard of anyone to die from this, if that was the case nobody would be getting it done . make sure you go to a professional

*shocked face* then I guess I won't be doing that. LOL

Your spinal cord is nowhere near your belly-button.
There are some risks like infection, or minor nerve damage.
But, no, paralyisis is not one of them.

absolutey not. your nerve stem runs down your spine so unless you pinch/cut/whatever your nerve stem you wont be paralyzed. yea they can hit nerves but thats what makes it hurt. your biggest concern is infection which is painful nasty

people my not thin of this, but in reality this is a minor sygicial procedure, i wouldn't think that it's possible to be paralysed as most of the nerves that affect this are found at the back of the body along the spine.

however the area could become infected, and sevear infections over time could cause death, however this will never never happen in this case

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