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Pain starting in leg 3 weeks after a bad bruise?
Fell and hit shin bone in 2 places. Normal pain at the time and a few day after but after 3 weeks I started having pain that feels like a bad bruise on the whole length of the front and bottom half of my leg.

Where do people like you come from?

Go to your GP.

It could be a Blood Clot, which is VERY dangerous. Go to the docters, ASP or you may end up Hopping Mad!!!

Worth getting it checked out by the doctor. Chance it may have developed a blood clot, which always needs checking out. If it is a clot and remains undiagnosed the danger is that it could travel. Blood clots can be dissolved with medication but left untreated and it travels toward the heart it could, potentially, prove fatal.

Might be worth using some arnica or witch hazel although they are usually best applied when you first get a bruise. It seems unusual to get pain 3 wks later but shins have very little flesh over the bone so likely to be more sore.

Do please go see your local GP and get everything checked out. It could be internal bruising that is causing the pain and on the other hand it could be a clot that could cause DVT so best get some professional advice.

Good Luck.

could be a blood clot

Richard L
This happened to me after a football injury, but mine went all the colours of the rainbow, front and back ,I was off work for 6 weeks, its just internal bleeding but to be safe if your worried get it checked out by your gp. He pressed my shin and could feel if it was broke of not, then signed me off cause i couldn't walk lol. I still have a lump now and it still feels brusied some times now and this was in 2000!!!!

hi. my friend was playing football and she got tackled badly and lots of bruses came up on her leg and they were really bad. eventually it developed into a blood clot. she had it on the shin too and it went all the way down the shin. she went the doctors and they said it is nothing to worry about it just keep an eye on it and it will eventually go down but if it goes worse come back and see us so my advice to you is to go and see your doctor to see if it is a blood clot. don't worry blood clots arn't always bad just a little sore!! but just get it checked anyway. good luck ;)

Your shin is a very painful place to bruise, you have my sympathy!

Your shin bone (the front edge of your tibia) is covered with a membrane called the periosteum.

This is made of two layers - a fibrous outer layer, and a soft inner layer which has lots of blood vessels in it.

When you give your shin bone a good wallop, you can sometimes strip a little of the inner layer of periosteum.
This bleeds a lot, and the bleeding is trapped against the bone by the harder outer layer.

Over a week or two, this bleeding is usually absorbed.

Sometimes it's not.... and then you can run into problems. This sounds a bit like you.

If the blood is trapped between the layers of periosteum and is not being reabsorbed, after a few weeks the periosteum can start laying down bone cells in the pooled blood.
It can then continue to do this over a period of weeks until you're left with a nice big bony lump on the front of your shin!

This may cause you no problems, or it may cause you serious problems, depending on how big it is, and the kind of activities you engage in.

If you're an athletic person, you might find yourself developing shin splints, particularly if you do a lot of treadmill or road running, or indeed running of any kind.

The best thing to do is let your GP have a quick look, they'll quickly refer you on if it needs to be dealt with.

Now's the time to go though, before the bleeding gets organised and too hard to do anything with.

Good luck with it.

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