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 Anybody really miss the painkillers after a serious injury...?
i'm a week into a cast on my foot for two broken bones...i had vicodien and codiene...and now the last is gone...and im not so much worried about any pain as i am the end to this week long high.....

 If I'm walking on a public sidewalk and slip on ice and hurt myself who is responsible?

 Hit elbow, now it is painfull and tingly?
My co-worker hit his elbow a few hours ago and now it is still tingly, and quite painful. what did he do, and how can he fix it?
Additional Details
sorry mom... you snooze you loose! lol ...

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 How many bones do you have in your ankle because i think i have broken mine?

 Bruises! How can I diminish them?
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 What if you had no more time left ?

 My baby received a spiral fracture to arm and haematoma to scrotum during c section birth and I can't sue!!
My beautiful baby boy was born in September via a c-section. During the procedure he received a spiral fracture to his left humerus and a haematoma (bruising mass) to his scrotum. I am angry that ...

 I think i fractured my ankle what should i do'?

 What are some signs of a sprained wrist?
and how do you know if it is severe? It has a lump the size of a golf ball....

 Any iders on breaking my foot?

Ok I seriously think I broke my foot? How can I tell?
I'm thinking about going to the doctor, but I don't want to go unless something is truly wrong! Its a really purplish, blackish color and it has become really swollen. I've had it in ice for about 45 minutes but no change. Currently I am sitting on my recliner, on my laptop, and in EXTREME pain. Are there any other signs I should look for, or should I call a friend and tell them to take me to the doctor? Plz help!
Additional Details
Oh yeah, what happened is we were playing basketball and I came down on it. And lots of weight came down on it! ( 6'6, 253 lbs)

i would go to the docter its better betting safe than sorry coz if it is broken andf u dnt go the consequences could be lethal

Go to the dr. There is no way to tell wether it is sprained (probable) or there is a chipped bone, a hair fracture or a full fractuer (very possible). Either way go to the Dr immediately and plan to stay off your feet for a good week or two and very easy after that.

Warren D
Go to the doctor or emergency room. If it isn't broken it's injured in other ways and none of them are good.

Ice should help with the pain and should also help the swelling. An ice pack will work better than soaking it in ice water, however.

It could also be a sprain, which is another serious injury. Again, ice for pain and swelling. The bruising sounds more like a fracture, however.

Good luck, and chances are it will pretty much heal on its own. You may be like me and able to forecast weather for the remainder of your life, however. That ain't all bad.

Can u move it?

umm....go to the doctor

The only time I ever broke a bone, I KNEW I broke it. I always wondered if you would know if you broke something and the answer is positively YES! It would hurt so much there would be no questioning yourself. You could not stand the pain for one minute, so I think you have a very bad sprain. I would still see a doctor.

Hey mate, from what you say all signs are pointing to yes.. there are a couple of checks you can do but if your foot is that swollen and tender it may not help. Normally applying light pressure on your foot in different areas is a good way to find the source of the pain. So my first question would be where is pain specifically coming from on your foot? Ligament damage tends to cause just as much swelling if not more then actually broken bones so you may have a tear somewhere? But if its really swollen and ice isn't reducing the pain or inflammation then an xray is probably your best option. Good luck with it mate!

If I was going to explain what a broken foot looked like, I could just copy and paste your question into this box. If your ankle looked that way, there would be a slight possibility of bad sprain, but not the foot.

get to the doctor immediately...seriously.

Lab Assistant Beaker
I'm still puzzling over why you are not in the A&E of your local hospital. So many possibilities: breakage, bruising or a combination. But none of us here can see it or assess it. You need to see a doctor.
Broken bone ends need to be reset properly, otherwise you will have foot problems later, if or when it heals.

Tara` [NYY]
To answer your question, there really isn't too much more you can do. You can maker a homemade splint for your foot to reduce the amount the fractured bone moves, if it is indeed broken. The signs and symptoms you are describing (swelling, pain, bruising, etc.) are all indicative of a possible fracture, but it could just be bruised. The only 100% way to tell if you have a fracture is something we call crepitus, which is a sound that we listen for when we assess wounds. Crepitus is a grinding or "sanding" noise that two broken bone ends make when they rub each other. Otherwise, they only way to tell is by an x-ray. Splinting your foot will help a great deal, so make it a priority. If you don't splint and the bone is fractured, the loose bone ends can create tissue damage in your foot which can lead to infection.

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