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Normal? Its been four weeks since I sprained my ankle, and there is still much pain when I twist it gently.?
It wasnt really that bad of a sprain. Only slight swelling, but hard to walk on without it wrapped up.
But I never went to the doctor and just kept wrapping it up for like 2 weeks. It's been four now and it's definitely not healed.
Im curious what I should do, or if this is just normal.
Thank you.

RVP kiki
i dont think its normal. i suggest you go to the doctors and next time go doctors sooner.

It could be broken. U should go see a doctor.

Sprains can be worse than broken bones when it comes to healing up and feeling better. But, since it has been 4 weeks and it still hurts a lot, you should probably go get it checked out by a doctor and have it x-rayed to see if you actually broke or cracked a bone. You may also need a brace for it rather than just a wrap.

jess b
I sprained my ankle over a year ago (pretty bad sprain) and it still hurts. I still occasionally go over on it if I'm walking on uneven ground etc.

Try strengthening exercises to tighten up the tendons etc, strapping is good to prevent you twisting it again.

But yeah, it is pretty normal.

you need to go to the doctor to have x-rays done, and have it checked out for any broken bones or any other damages you may have done to it.

If you are still having pain with movement 4 weeks later, I suggest a doctor appt to get xrays. A fracture, even a hairline one, needs proper treatment. Some bad sprains take a long time to heal, but admittedly, this was mild. Good Luck!!

indranil m
Do a X-ray of ankle joint.If it's normal then you probably got a ligament injury.Wrapped it with a crep bandage and put the leg in rest for a week.Hot compress to the area is help full.When in bed keep the limb elevated and loose the bandage.Also take some analgesic for few days but never message the affected area.In most of the cases the above measures help,if not and if there is a fracture then consult a doctor.

Due 7.6.08 with #1!
I sprained my ankle almost a year and a half ago now, and occasionally it still swells and hurts.

I was on crutches and in a splint for almost 6 weeks when it originally happened. And then after that, I wrapped it for a long time for extra support.

Like someone else said, do some exercises to strengthen those tendons and ligaments back up again. My doctor told me to write the A-B-C's in the air with my big toe. Also, if it hurts, try to give it a bit of a rest. Pain is your body's way of telling you that something is wrong...... If it is a lot of pain, or if it continues much longer, I'd think about going to the doctor to have him/her check it out.

It can be normal depending on how bad the sprain was. You say it wasn't bad, but the only way you can tell is by x-ray. At this point, you really need to see a doctor.
In the time being, you need to keep it wrapped, stay off it as much as possible, and put ice on it. Also, you need to try moving it just a little. Try moving it in small circles very slowly, or try writing the alphabet with your foot, so that you move the ankle, but stop when it hurts. Just doing that, will get your ankle moving just a little and begin to heal it.
But you really need to see a doctor and get it looked at. It shouldn't hurt that much after four weeks.
Best of luck.

go see a physiologist it could be more then just a light tap,
about a month ago i was at work and swang a sledge hammer on a piece of wood but missed, the sledge hit the top of my foot
(i was wearing steel caps) but then about a week later it started killing, it took about 3 weeks and it healed.

you should check ya doc, if its just tissue damage then its will take awhile but if it aint you might have to get an x-ray i know its a inconvience but you should go get it checked.... hope you get better soon...seeya

It's Just Me
I sprained my ankle back in November, and it still hurts!

I went to see an Orthopedic doctor, and he prescribed some exercises to strengthen my ankle. I did them, and it still swells and hurts on occasion.

I also have a personal trainer, and I asked him if it was normal to still be experiencing pain and weakness in the ankle, and he said that it was.

Here are some exercises you can do to strengthen your ankle:

Rotate it to the right (like in a circle with your toe) 20 times, and then to the left 20 times. This helps a lot!

I'll also enclose a link to some info that you should read; they explain why your ankle still hurts, and gives more exercises to do to keep your ankle strong.

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