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 Why Does My Head Hurt After I pee,I Mean My Head With The Brain(there is a story behind it,plz read)?
im 14,by the way

ok,about 3 months ago,my friend accidentely hit me in the head with a big rock,he didnt mean to though,and it swelled up,well 3 months later,it is still swollen,and it ...

 Have pain in 1 spot below rightside ribs,painful to walk and breath,whats causing the pain,how to stop it?
have pain in 1 spot below rightside ribs,painful to walk and breath,whats causing the pain,how to stop it?...

 I hit my arm on a speaker 11 hours ago. It's still in throbbing sharp pain, could it be serious?
I hit my arm, and now the area on my arm is soft, and sore near the bone could this just be a tissue bruise and would ice be the best option?...

 Is this a dance injury?
I just went dancing and i feel so dizzy and i have a shooting pain in my ankle,i dance 32 hours a week and gym for a hour and a half a day,do you think its a injury?Its all along my shins too,please ...

 This is a serious question but it sounds strange.?
i was fine earlier but now around my belly button hurts and if i touch the inside of my belly button it is really painful. its not swollen however it does feel a little bit hard it doesnt hurt when ...

 What should i do?
i injured myself on my ribs and i think i punctured a lung cause i can hear air coming out of it.
Additional Details
oh i guess i didnt puncture anything. it was an air hose that i ...

 Muscle spasm?
i supposedly have muscle spasm how do i get rid of it?...

 I've been sentenced to crutches and a cast on my ankle for two weeks?
How can i stop the tops of the crutches from hurting my arms????
Additional Details
Thanks so much for all of your answers. Each one of them helped. I adjusted my crutches, ...

 Can you wiggle your Coxis?

 Has anybody had a serious sports injury?
If u have say it here, how it was caused and in which sport it was in. THIS is a school project so PLEASE answer this question! I need 20 people,
Additional Details
Thank you everybody!!!...

 Lnfected cuts to the skin.?
Lately when l have cut myself,l find the cut becomes infected.My health and hygiene are very good.l am 54 years of age.Any answers l would appreciate....

 I strained a muscle really badly about a week ago. Should I apply heat or cold packs to it?
My husbands recommends heat packs, my chiropractor ice.
Additional Details
Calling the doctor is useless, because she runs kind of a conveyor belt practice. This happened more than a ...

 Got hit in the nose recently, it didnt break but theres a lump on brigde and it looks crook wat should i do?
i look ugly, will my nose eventually go straight or so i need a jose job?...

 I burned my lip with a cigarette, how can itreat it?

 How long does it it take for my swollen lip to heal...?
i fell of a motorcycle last night and my upper lip is bruiced and swollen, it was a fast bump on the pavement....

 Is it true that you survive 6 seconds after having your head chopped off?
ok so my english teacher tells me that when uou were excuted the excucutoner would hold your head up and show your head to your body to let you know you were dead. she also told me that you survive ...

 I fell on a bike and i landed on my wrist?
and it hurts and everytime i even move it a little it hurts
Additional Details
it is ...

 Question: Are fleet enemas good to releave constipation? I haven't had a bm in 4 days! Doe the fleet cause bm

 Broke my leg..im bored..what can i do??
I broke my leg a few days ago. My parents dont want me moving and im usually a very active person. Im a 17 year old girl. I think i might go insane lol. What can i do to keep my occupied. I have a ...

 If you are a true believer, can you pray for me?
I'm not in good health right now and I'm really struggling...can you pray for my health and well-being if you believe in Jesus?...

No health insurance, out of a job and broke my arm plz HELP?
I just broke my arm about 2 inches above my wrist, and i jsut got fired and all my money jsut went to rent . i dont have any health insurance!

WHAT SHOULD I DO???? where to go, how muhc will i have to pay??????????

plz help
Additional Details
to the bandge ***** go to hell..

i know it broken bc i can see the bone poking through my ARM

And you're still able to do all this typing with a bone sticking out of your arm? Man, you are one tough mf! Hat's off to you.

Good luck.

RaVeN @16:37 R.I.P.
Seek emergency room care ASAP , once there , they will treat you and bill you . They will refer you to a specialist ; good luck to you !

Christina C
they will put you on a payment plan probably very low monthly payments but you need to go to the ER now if the bone is sticking out you should be in the ER right this second that is very serious

Susan S
The good thing about the emergency room is that they have to treat you. It's the law.
Unfortunately, it will be very expensive, over a thousand dollars. I don't know what an urgent care clinic charges, but that is your only other alternative, unless you have a friend who is a doctor.

Go to the Emergency Room! They can't turn you away they have to treat you! They will bill you, just make sure you bring an I.D. GO NOW!!!!! You can end up with permanent damage, trust me I know, and I know they wont turn you away!!!! Let me know how it works out. Good Luck and Go!!!

Rick G
I'm in the same boat man.
I broke by leg (slipped on ice) a month ago, And am unemployed. If it wasen't for the Veterans Hospital I'd be phucked. Try to find a Free Clinic, Go to your local Catholic Church or Red Cross they should help you.

First of all check if its broken if you cant move it and if you lightly rub your finger over it it should hurt real bad and you should be able to feel it if its bad. The best choice would be to go to a E.R (emergency room). But you could always splint it and if your out of a job you got no health insurance and got no money you shouldnt be on the internet but google is your friend google on how to splint a wrist/hand it would first say to numb it then it would say to slow apply 2 pieces of flat and skinny pieces of something then wrap in a gaus to hold it will it hurt but it will align the bone and help it grow back. O and you shouldnt be typing with the bad hand either (duh).

Go to the emergency room. The hospital will treat you with or without insurance. They will put you on a payment plan.

D 1
I'm sorry to tell you but your best bet would be E.R. (Emergency Room) so go to the nearest hospital and wait to be checked. They'll send you the bill.

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