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I fell whilst snowboading and have very sore ribs on the upper left side, it hurts to brethe deeply and is sore to touch. I think they may be bruised or broken but my big worry is that i have ...

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i thinking jump up for a jump shot in basketball, but come down with my toes facing behind me and my ankle will snap... dunno if it will work tho... any suggestions???
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what do you think is worse taking a bullet from any type of real gun or giving birth this is the question i have been on with all my life
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i ahve been shot before and ...

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i broke my friends foot bone .. ekk.. that was on monday but he ...

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 If you have broken a bone in your toe, is it still possible to move the toe?
It's my little toe ...... ouchies!
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 Who will be intrested on a story about health care hospital on what they did and let happen to my child.?
how can i let the public know what is happening in hospitals what they let happen in surgery.
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basically look on the GMC medical trails dated 26 june 2006 mr mantides ...

 What do I do if I dislocated my shoulder?
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 Dropped a computer on my foot. It bled a little bit and is now slightly bruised and swollen. What should i do?
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 Bruised ribs?
I bruised the ribs in my back on Tuesday night and the pain is excruciating when i move around or take a deep breath. Anyone else had this or have any info/ideas.....

 What would causes someone to black out behind the wheel while driving?
A friend of mine has blacked out twice in the last 2 years behind the wheel. The first time she black out she ran over a mail box and this last time she blacked out and hit a building with her car. T...

 Is it true?
Is it true that your more likely to break your ankle or arm when its asleep
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I'm not trying to like my teacher was talking about it today and i was ...

 What is the worst injury you have ever got?
My niece fell on a chopped down tree and got a branch in her stomach once. the wound after her operation was like an open mouth! It was Yucky....

Okay right when you get a bruise, are you suppose to rub it so it will go away,, or is it true if you rub it, it will get into like a blood clot.... I get bruises all the time bc im pale and enemic ...

Need ideas on how to tell my boss(male) I have to take leave for a breast reduction surgery. Professionally..?
I will be scheduling an appointment to have surgery, but I need help telling my boss about it without me letting him know what type of surgery it is....In a professional manner

do u actually kno that for sure

Just say you have to go into hospital, and leave it at that.

Just tell him you need to request a leave of adsence for 'such n such' of time.

Just tell him you are going to have some elective surgery. If he asks what for or what kind, just tell him you would rather not discuss it.

Saved by Grace
WELL I assume you have paperwork or something to fill out just say its a ""SURGICAL LEAVE" and he shouldnt ask anymore questions because that would be nosy
BY the way he might ask so just tell him then he's going to NOTICE anyway when you get back!!

It's personal. Just let him know you will be out for some time for surgery. He doesnt have to know what your are getting done. You could even ask yoku doctor, i'm sure people have came to him/her before looking for advice on what to say to their employers. Good luck!

Is there someone on his level or higher up that you would be comfortable talking to. If so, do so. if not then, if he asks, tell him it's nothing serious and thank him for his concern. If he is persistent, tell him you'd rather not discuss your personal affairs and assure him that you'll be back to work in no time and it will be business as usual. However, he may require proof or something from your doctor and then he may eventually find out that way. What you say to your employer should be confidential. I'm sure there's all kinds of legalities but let's hope it doesn't go that far

It is difficult because you cant lie to your boss about a surgery. Tel him the truth, i mean everyone get a few days a year sick leave. And if this operation will make your life better, not only for you but also for the person you love then i don't see why he will say no. I mean why lie don't be shy you don't have to be. The only thing your doctor must do is give him a letter that on a specific day you will go in for a operation and the reason therefore.

Tell him you need to request some time off to undergo corrective surgery of a personal nature.

I recently had to have surgery and when people at work asked why I wasn't around, I told them I had surgery. The polite one's didnt ask what kind...others repeated "Surgury?" and then were quiet as if waiting for me to tell them more and I'd say I'll tell you about it later and then change the subject.
Sometimes I'd say "Just some routine office procedure" and leave it at that...but my boss, I just told him it was personal and when he pressed for more info I just said I really didn't care to discuss it...and that was it.
If you have a boss that really presses you for info you could also call it women issues and most men run away!

Most offices have a leave policy that doesn't require full disclosure. Just ask for leave for personal matters.

I would let him know that you have to have a female surgery and that you will need some time off. Usually male bosses wont delve into what type of female problems you are having. My boss has accepted that before.

warrior mama
you just tell him that " you are scheduled to have surgery on such and such date and will be away from the office for how ever long" " this is a personal issue and i would like this to be kept confidential"..... you will be surprised at how accommodation male bosses are when women come to them and tell them they need "surgery"...

Your boss has no business knowing what type of surgery you are having. Just tell him you need to schedule some time off for surgery. If you have something from your doctor stating the amount of time you will be needing off that would be good too, or ask him what he needs from the doctor. Most male bosses really DON'T want to know a girls personal business anyway. They just want to know when you will be back. So just say it's for surgery, and then if he presses you for more info, mention it's of a personal female nature and he will ask no more questions! Guaranteed!

The only thing he may ask is if it's "serious" which is normal. A boss is always concerned if they think you may have cancer or something. In which case, just say, "No it's not life threatening or anything, it's just something that needs to be taken care of to prevent any more future health problems. Which is true, because overly large breasts cause back problems and pain.

If for some reason he does press you for more info, or is actually rude enough to come out and ask what it is for, say again that it is personal and you don't feel comfortable discussing that with him. It really doesn't matter if your having a uterus fixed, or a breast, or a tummy tuck or a nervous breakdown! If the doc says you need off, then an employer has no right to ask why. They do have a right to know approximately how long to expect you to be gone so they can decided whether they need to hire a temp or whatever to replace you and how to handle your work load.

Good luck with your surgery.

i don't think that you need t be specific about what you are going into surgery for- yeah he may notice the change but all he needs to know is that you are going into surgery. provide enough notice and an a standard letter from your doctor excusing you from work.

Just say you are having surgery done;. You have no obligation to tell them what for. Or you could say its surgery to help alleviate your back pain.

That is what I did with my job. I had no further questions after that.

Greenbay All the Way!!!!!
Let him know that you are having surgery, but its personal. He will understand and cannot ask for more info. Just make sure you provide documenation from your doctor about your time off and recovery time! Good luck!

just tell him it's a surgery. If he asks more questions just tell him that youre not comfortable talking about it.

just me
Tell him you are going to have surgery. When he asks what for, tell him its personal or its a girl thing. Usually when I say 'its a girl thing' to a guy, they don't ask anymore questions. :) Use your tone of voice to be professional...maybe say, 'its a feminine matter.' If you have a female coworker that is on more of a friend basis with your boss, discuss it with her. She can stick up for you. If not, and he starts to pry more, tell him straight up. If he gets embarrassed, its his own fault for prying lol

Good luck

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