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Brent B
My veins stick out real bad in my arms what does that mean?
ok, its really wierd when im hot my veins stick out of my arms real bad and i mean really bad and my hands turn bright red when it happens and it kind of feels like someone is sqeezeing my arm but when i want it to go away i put my arms up in the air and it a goes back to normal with in a second but if i put them back down it happens all over again but if im cold or just kind of cool this dosn't happens. what does this all mean?...is it bad?..can i cure it?

You really need to get that checked by your Doctor asap. It sounds to me like it's a vascular obstruction caused by entrapment.

Kaitlyn C
Hard work with the muscles in your arms, can pop your veins in and out now and then, dont pop your fingers because that can make them pop out too

You should always were long sleeves!

Kevin H
A lot of this has to do with body fat. The lower your body fat the closer to the surface these veins are. If your hot your blood is flowing more when you raise your arms it makes the blood travel up so they will go back down then your body will pump it straight back through when you lower them.

you have big veins, congrats.

it means that you are getting really skinny and need to put some muscle on dat bone man!!!!!!!!!!!!!! = p

danny r
you might be dehydrated all the time...

i think allergies. see a doctor.

that happens to me on my hands and arms
especially if i hold my arms down standing up for a long time or its really hot (mostly church)
idk wat it meens sry
i dont think its bad
my dad and brother both have veins that stick out
my hands dont hurt wen it happens
id get a doctors opinion

Hi this is called ciculation, when you exercise or get hot the blood pumps around your body faster and so the veins are more noticable. There is nothing wrong with you, some people have deeper set veins and are not as noticable, that is why you seem to notice yours. Try this web site it might help you understand more.

Nurses Love You!!

Anthony M
o quit tryin 2 look cool shut up o my veins come out of my arms so im gunna post it on yahoo answer so people will think im cool

David S
it is normal. when you're hot or when your heart is pumping fast, your veins are closer to the surface of your skin to help dissipate the heat and because of your blood pressure which is higher because your heart is pumping faster.

you blood is kind of like the coolant than needs to be cooled down. so your veins show a little more so that the blood is closer to the cool air around you and therefore, cooling you down.

drinking lots of water can help alleviate this natural reaction.


your heart is very strong. that's a good thing, or you recently over developed the muscles in your arm

anyways, point is, it is normal, natural, and benign. If it can make you feel better, go see your doctor. However, he's not going to give you any magical remedies. there isn't a pill or a syrup or anything like that.

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