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My toenail got ripped off! help!?
i bumped my toe into the stairs and my toe nail got ripped off. right now im cleaning it with hydrogen peroxide but how do you clean with it? i pour it into a tissue and try to wipe the toe. i want to stop using it and use my neosporin ointment. after i cleaned it i put a stertile bandaid over it. what else should i do or sholudnt do?
Additional Details
will pouring peroxide on it hurt?

Freeway Ricky Ross
Pour salt & lemon juice on it. It builds character.

two words



you need an operation or go to your doctor.

Make sure that you clean it very well. Buy some Neosporin or Bacitracin. Once you apply it, the pain should go away within a day or so. Dont rip off the nail completely. If you feel it needs to be removed seek a physicians assistance.

If you've flushed it with H2O2 and used Neosporin and placed a bandaid on, you've done all you need to do. Be sure to change bandaid after each shower, and take the current bandaid OFF before getting into shower, to clean the wound.


hydrogen peroxide is ok, but it retards healing, good old soap and water is better and kinder to the tissues. Neosporin and a bandage on the first day is good, after that, just keep the toe clean and covered, a new nail will grow out in about two months, until it does, keep the toe nail bed covered with a fresh bandage daily to prevent infection. Neosporin is only essential on the first day, or if the wound starts looking infected later.

You don't need peroxide that kills the skin sells that are trying to heal. Just wash it with soap and water, then put neosporin on it and a bandaid...Wash it every day and replace the bandaid at least everyday until it heals...Also you may never grow a nail back there just to tell you.

well first of all to make sure u havnt hurt it really badly if u ahve then see a doctor or ur gp
if u havnt u do wat u were doing at first

♪♫Jay is Sexy♪♫
dont trip it will grow back!

Mr. Vincent Van Jessup
Well don't shower or get it wet at bath for a few days, just like a surgical site. I'm serious. Make sure you keep it covered with antibiotic.

The H202 (hydrogen peroxide)should be poured directly on the wound. This will help clean it out nicely. Then put the ointment on it. Dress it in sterile gauze. Change the dressing daily.

Get a washcloth really soap and wet and wring it out over your toe. Then rinse it under the faucet. After it dries, put the neosporin on it. Leave it open to air dry as long as you can (like at home) and only cover it when you need to leave the house. (Good luck with shoes.) Keep an eye on it for irritation and infections - but soapy water should keep it clean enough.You may want to soak it in a tub of water with epson salts a couple times a week. It will take a LONG time to grow back - but the pain should subside in a few days.

Soak it in some warm water with epsom salt and peroxide. I've had mine fall off a couple times from doing sports. In fact I have no big toe nails any more.

It will grow back. I ripped mine off completely with a hand-truck and about 500 lbs of stuff. It was back in a few months.

ouuchhhh thats gotta hurt like a !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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