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 I got run over this morning, i had a row with my mom and i am not saying, what it was about.?
the car was only going 10 - 20mph, the soles on my trainers came away and i slipped and lost by balance, the car didn't barely touch me, lucky enough the lady saw me otherwise i could of been ...

 I'm embarrassed but?
I have real bad gas and not the burping kind.. I must have to pas gas 50 times a day if not more and not little farts either . Family members say it isn't normal to fart that often. and i'm ...

Hi as i was riding to skool like many other days, i jumped a jerb and my wheel came off and therefore landed straight on my face lots of blood. Ambulence came and i was all stitched up and ready to ...

 Can I get permanent scarring from cutting myself very lightly with a normal BIC razor?
Well I was in the shower and I was pretty angry, and this only the second time I've self harmed in my life. Anyway, I just basically made a lot of scratches on my skin with the BIC razor. The ...

 Stingin hands form peppers HELP!!!!?
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 How do you shower with a cast on your foot and calf?

my boyfriend got hurt during football practice his shoulder popped out and he was rushed to the hospital/er. When he gets there what is going to happen to him?...

 How do you tell if hand is broken?
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 Dr. said my 3 yr old doesn't need a cast 4 a broken colarbone. Is that true? I'm afraid it won't heal right.

 What type of Doctor do I need for a sciatic nerve problem?

 Please HELP me!!!!! Bump on my forehead?
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 What injuries have you picked up from doing random things?
I broke both bones in my wrist in two places while falling off a rope swing into a stream....

 My summer stinks !!?
So far my summer has been awful . I broke my leg horse back riding and now i cant do anything at all. Any ideas for something to do im gonna be on crutches for another like 4 or 5 months ....

 I just got stitches wuts the best way to make them stop hurtin?

 My tail bone?
okay i was in shop class and my friend thru my duotang on the ground so i went to get it and went to hop on my seat, well my friend pulled my seat away and i smacked my butt on a hard cement flooring....

 How do I break my leg?
I don't want to swim in p.e. anymore & I know it would be messed up forever/ could mess up other things & im willing to deal w/ that cause i have arthrits so im used to it. But I really ...

 How can i reduce swelling for a knee injury?(hot or cold)?
I tripped over a dog gate and knee first hit floor ...

 I just cut off a toe?!?!?
it hurts pretty bad! i dropped a knife on it what can i dooo??...

 How do I prevent a rash from developing on my inner thighs from long distance runs?
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 What to do for a broken or I believe a fractured toe? Only serious answers please.?
This is the deal, I will be make this swift and quick. Yesterday while at the gym I accidentaly hit my toe on the bottom of one of the base of one of the cycling bikes.

I was changing ...

My toenail fell off, can I paint it?
So my toenail fell off, and now there's just a stubby little half nail. Can I paint it so people can't tell? Will putting more coats on the skin help? What color should I use. It needs to match my new blue Ugg flip flops.

Paint it any color, it works.

As long as the skin is hard, you can paint it any color you like.

Snookie Baby!
NO, NO, NO, NO, NO... DO not paint over the skin, you need to let it breath so the new nail can come out, do not paint over the skin. Let it be, it will be better and healthier! Do not put a a fake nail on it, you don't want to use something as strong as chemical on it, for many reasons, one of them when the nail starts to gro it will start to grow and push the fake nail away from the skin that could be EXTREMELLY painful, when you put a fake nail on, you put it on top of the nail so when the real nail grows it will not touch the skin. Also consider, you may be alergic to the glue, I am, I use to bite my nails and I used fake nails, so the glue cause irritation and made my nails itch like heck. Also if it itches you may scratch it, which will make the skin break and will cause an infection. You should not paint over it, it is not healthy. Leave it alone, let it be, trust me you don't know how much chemical is in anything! Leave your skin alone, let the nail grow, if you want to use flip flops what you do is put a bandaid over it, no one will ask and if they do, all you do is say you had a little accident, nothing serious and that is it, change the subject! Good luck honey and please don't put anything on it okay?!

Aurobindo G
Sure, get a new toenail.

Yeah, it's probably very dry, hard skin where the nail used to be, so polishing it won't hurt you. I've done it before and when I looked at my foot, I couldn't even tell there wasn't a full nail there.

Put on a fake nail

I would not paint it. If you let everyone see the missing toenail, they will see how tough you are. it will up your street cred points.

Jayne ♥
you can paint it, I have a friend that used to do that...well that was until she realized when you are getting a pedicure you can request they do an acrylic toenail.

So if you have some money then I suggest going to get a pedicure and requesting a fake toenail.

Umm okay........................your Ugg flip flops are blue so obviously you want to paint your toe nail a color that will match your outfit. I would need to see the exact color of your flip flop to give you an educated answer.
Don't listen to these other people who are telling you not to do it because you'll get your toe infected, this isn't true. But hypothetically speaking just in case it does pick a color that will go over greenish yellow smoothly.........duh.

i wouldnt paint over ur skin i mean when the toenail does grow back it might get infected

Daniel R
You should wrap it in a bandaid. Let it heal. I wouldn't put any chemical directly on your skin.

The best solution would be a band aid.

Nail polish will deprive the growing cuticle and skin of necessary oxygen for healing. Which would lead to scarring, and the possibility of a disfigured toe nail.

When in doubt? Choose health over vanity :) I made this mistake as a teenager... the toe nail took YEARS to heal properly.. and it was only two coats, one time.

Alexandra Maria
Don't pain your exposed skin!
It can get infected and cause worse problems. Put a plaster over it - maybe a flash coloured on or something.

Hope this helps
- Alex.

Vanessa M
you can now buy fake toenails at walmart. i'd try that. or put nail strengthening polish on your toe nails to make it grow faster.

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