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My toe nail is almost completely ripped off. Basically attached in the centre. What should I do?

My son got his hand slammed in a door and cut off the tip of his little finger, tearing his nail almost completely off. The doctor cut off the nail, stitched his finger back together and placed the nail back on the nail bed....without the nail to cover the nail bed, and hold in the moisture, the doctor said he would not grow another nail. As long as there is no infection, the nail will reattach itself. You may want to see a doctor, but if not, DO NOT remove the nail, just keep it from getting infected by keeping clean dressing on it with something like Neosporin.

You'll Never Outfox the Fox

But it reminds me of a buddy of mine who had a chronic ingrown toenail; the first time he had it cut out was at the campus clinic at Mississippi State University. He had to pay like $40 to get it done, so he just watched them do it, and decided he would do it himself from that day forward.

Unfortunately, he did not have any access to the nifty numbing shot they used. So when the pain got unbearable he would get a fifth of whiskey or somesuch, and go home and start drinking until he got up the courage to cut it out with his pocket knife.

Of course, he would scream like a Banshee while doing it, but he said the second he got it out it felt much better.

But you should go to a doctor.

check in with the hospital maybe.

chop the toe off.

Get yourself to a doctor and have it removed. Don't try to do it yourself. You want to wrap it in gauze and medical tape in the mean time. You wouldn't want to risk infection on it.

OUCH!! yeah go to a hospital. Your toe could get infected if you dont.

answer annie
see a doctor, ASAP.

See a foot doctor he can help you take care of it

If you don't have access to a doctor or cannot afford the doctor or the emergency room: Leave the nail on the nail bed - do not attempt to remove it. Wrap your toe with clean, sterile gauze being sure to cover the tip of your toe as well. You may want to use some water to rinse the toe and nail bed two to three times daily. Change the gauze everytime you rinse and protect your toe from being bumped or jammed. This nail will eventually come off on it's own and a new one will grow in.

The best advice is to see a doctor about it. You aren't going to die from losing a toenail but it would be safer to at least get some antibiotics to be sure there is no infection. He/she may even be able to clip the nail off for you.

put a bandaid over it so that it doesn't get bumped...when a new nail comes in it will fall off

miss angel
i'd trim around the connected part with sharp clippers that you boiled for a few minutes and allowed to fully cool. use a peroxide water solution to clean it when you are done and apply neosporin+pain relief and an adequate bandaid... good luck!

Nolan due 12/25
go to the doctor before it gets infected. good luck.

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