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 I punched a door and may have broke my hand.?
I punched a door with the outside of my right hand (pinky side) a few months ago and it bruised really badly and was really sore I soon noticed a bump/growth on the bone, but never went to get xrayed....

 Help!!! did my sister break her rist ?????????????????????
she was riding her bike and her bike fell down on her rist and now it hurts when she move it up.do you think she broke it??...

 How do bones heal?

 If u cut the wrist,making not a very deep cut,how much tym does da mark go?
if u cut the wrist wid a blade..... not very deep....in how much time will the mark go completely???does it become permenanty????how can u r emove it....or ligthen it????...

 Really sore?
ok i wake up at 5:30 every day to go to basketball practice! we run alot and i am really sore can someone tell me how to make the soreness go away or atleast help it??? PLEASE!!


 My Foot!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE HELP!?
OK so i was walking my dog and she just started to take off and i fell on top of her and managed to do something to my bad foot, the one i bruised severley a few weeks ago. My parents are out at my ...

 How long does it take for a bruise to go away?

 Am I slowly killing myself?
im 20 y/o and smoke about 15 ciggarettes and share 5ish spliffs a aday, all i eat is instant noodles, asda ready meals, e.g maccaroni cheese or bread, i add salt to everything, even toast, in a meal ...

 OUCHIE !!! PLease help?
Last week i gave birth to a turd the size of a soda can and I tore.
I feel it rip back open every time I go to take a dump.
Im worried it wont heal and Im also worried about bacteria....

 Help my mom hurt herself?
my mom was on one of those inversion tables and she slid out of it, fell on her neck and upper part of her back, and compressed a disk in her back, what should she do?...

 Relieve aching muscles?
for PE, we ran and did A LOT of lunges. WITHOUT stretching afterward [and i was having the flu, so i was still weak] and now my thighs and butt ache SO BADLY! i cant even move without wincing.

 Medical question??
k i just got home from this beach and i was there with my friend and i cut my toe on this sharp *** rock and it blead a lot and so i put a band aid on it and washed it out and i just got home and ...

 Weight lifting for teens?
how old do you have to be to start lifting weights? i heard somewhere that if you lift weights and other things you could damage your body. im going to be 13 in january will i be old enough to lift ...

 What can be done to speed up the healing of a broken bone?
diet? ultrasonic machine? exercise?...

 A glass bottle hit my son's head...should I go to the doctors?
its a glass wine bottle....it fell on the side of his forehead...the skin was dented in then it became a big bump with a bruise...i'm scared.......

 Help! i've fallen into a well and i cant get out!?
please! im desperate cant you see!
Additional Details
too late. i was murdered ....

 If i cut my wrists how deep or how do i make it bleed? i was using a knife but i am only making slight marks?

Additional Details
is there a different tool i can use... like a razor from a box cutter?...

 I smashed my fingernail. Now 25% of it is black near the base. Will I lose my nail?
Or will it grow out? If it grows out, how long will it take? What can I do to make it look normal again? Should I grab a pliers and pull it off? Does eating jello for gelatin make it grow faster?...

 How to remove objects safely from the anus?
I have a cap (waterbottle) stuck in my anus. My friend pulled a prank on me while I was sleeping -_-.

Should I try to remove it, or just leave it and let it come naturally out?


 I just had knee surgery, what can I do for the pain?
I dont have Vicadin or any other medications until this weekend. What else could I do? It's really painful. Someone give me ...

My toe is bleeding, what should I do?
A jar just fell on my big toe and the blood is clotting under the skin.
It didn't break the nail, its just bleeding at the end.
Its swollen and I can move my toe but it hurts to walk.
Any suggestions on what to do?
please help me! :S
Additional Details
im not an adult so i dont kno this stuff ppl! quite making jokes please

julia ♥
thats kind of a stupid question

Seek an adult for the answer

get your butt off the computer and get to a doctor moron!

crying really eases the pain for me, maybe it could help you

go to the doctor before it gets worse!!

u should try raping it 2 stop from beeding.

troop there it is

♥simply beautiful♥
put a band-aid on it they help every thing

Elevate your foot and put ice or ice pack on for 15-20 mins. off & on several times/day.

MAAYYYBE..i'm not totally sure...go to www.webdoctor.com
i don't even know if that oculd help.oh, and if that doesn't work..haha..then type in ranodm addresses that might be some sort of help..like...www.onlinehospital.com...or something wierd like that...hah!

Put ice on the injury and elevate your toe above your heart. If it continues to hurt, you may need to have it looked at.

cindy k
I am not a Doctor but I would but ice or something cold like frozen peas on your toe to stop the swelling.If the bleeding doesnt stop soon maybe you need to go th the ER. I do hope this helps .

Ice it. 10 minutes on 10 minute off - and apply pressure.

Teddy's Mom
Clean it up good with soap and water. Apply pressure to stop bleeding. Put ice on it to reduce swelling.

Find the nearest pice of cloth to put over it so dust and other polutants can't get in. Stick out the pain to the nearest water source and wash of the blood, put antibiotic cream on it and put a bandaid over it, and rest it for about an hour before walking again.

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