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 Will it heal?
2 years ago i was carrying a porcelein bowl up a set of concrete steps when i fell and cut my ring finger.
I had 4 (i think) stitches and it healed into a neat scar.
However, since it ...

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ok well I accidently touched this hot thing on the motorbike and got a patch of skin was burnt. then this lumpy thing came back, I know that normally I should try to keep it from breaking then it...

 How can I keep a blind 12 year old boy from getting bored?
This little boy has tumors in the brain, he can not have more surgery, everything that can be done has been done. He is now somewhat pain free but I have no idea how to entertain him. Please help!...

 Hit in car accident a month ago.Now have back pain, headaches, muscles stiff and flinching.Do i need a doctor?

Xray showed normal but could the bones have become misaligned over a months time?

now also have arthiritis symptoms.

will all this heal over time?

can a doctor ...

 I fell down my steps this morning and now there's something white poking through my skin...is it a bone?

 My mom pass two yrs.ago. my pain is just as severe as it was then. will it ever go away? it hurts so much!!!?
she died of cancer two weeks after her 66 birthday. it was terrible just waching her die while i sat there. i could't do anything for her. we were best friends. my saturdays were spent with her. ...

 My lump on head?
i banged my head on the wall and i have a huge lump i have been told u canot sleep when you have a lump on ur head i dont know why ??? how can i get rid of it quickly i have tried ice. it has ...

 Is my little toe broken?
My little toe hurts pretty bad. I can slightly move it and I manage to walk on it because I dont want to go the the E.R. tonight. Does it sound broke? it has been hurting for two days. it is not ...

 Head injury?
Back in june i fell down a flight of staires head first...i didnt think anything off my head being hurt because i had seperated my shoulder and thats alll i could think about. but once that healed i ...

 Help me plz?
hi im 14 and for the last 3 months ive been having aches ( pains ) in the back of my neck ( spinal bit ).
whenever i move my ear down to my shoulder my neck clicks and i know for a fact its not ...

 Pain starting in leg 3 weeks after a bad bruise?
Fell and hit shin bone in 2 places. Normal pain at the time and a few day after but after 3 weeks I started having pain that feels like a bad bruise on the whole length of the front and bottom half ...

 If you tear or strain your MCL or ACL in your knee, is it normal to be pain free, but have an unstable knee?
i recently had a fall and i am scheduled for an mri on my knee, the doc thinks its a torn acl but it doesn't hurt, its just unstable.
Additional Details
i had pain for the first 2 ...

 Does cut heal faster with band-aids or without?
i got this big scar on my face from using oxy spot treatment. my face peeled and left pink flesh. I want my face to heal, would it heal faster with a bandaid or without? also should it be moisturized ...

 Okay so my cat just clawed the heck outta my face. . .?
My cat is psycho and she jumped from the stairs and landed on my head and totally tore my face up with her sharp talons. I have deep scratches all over me and they sting like hell. I went into the ...

 Do i have a broken nose?
The other day a football hit my nose and i was in agony it really hurt! The morning after i had a nose bleed. 2 weeks on and i cannot breath or smell through my nose and it hurts to touch the left ...

 How do you fix a canker sore?

 I fell today and sprained both of my ankles?? I could hardly walk..Do you suggest that I go see a doctor?
my feet are really swollen
Additional Details
and ...

My son fell, his arm is hurting him some, it is not swollen or bruised, but he doesn't want to use it, broken?

hey mom, take your boy to the doctor or emergency room, the time you spend here is not helping his arm, ............

no broken bones hurt very very much
could be a green stick fracture

i would take him to the doctor either way ...my leg wasnt broken but i developed a serious blood clot in it. so to be on the safe side get it check you'll be saving your self a whole mess of trouble in the long run.

william a
See a doctor who will probably have it Xrayed.

Jerry M
yes and severely infected and probably will fall off.

Emyli J
ok. firstly, a fracture and a break mean the same thing!! a break is a fracture, a fracture is a break. And yes there is different degrees of fractures. With kids it is hard to truly evaluate an injury and they have difficulty expressing how they really feel. THe best way to evaluate an injury in a child is to infact observe if they are using it or not. Typically children want attention so they complain about a minor injury- but when it comes to play time they are fine. So a sign that your child is not using his arm may be an indicator that it really is injured. Does he use it when you're not around- when he is playing etc? And provding you have health insurance better safe then sorry no? Best of luck.
note: unless you are a doctor it is never ok to relocate or reduct a dislocation. that dislocated body part could also be a fracture. also if not done correctly you can further damage surrounding tissues. some dislocations can become quite serious and cut off blood supply. Leave this to the professionals.

it could just be fractured...get it checked out just in case... keep it up and elevated...dn't let him try to use it til' you get it checked out...keep it clean!!!even if you can't see a cut it doesn't mean that they're isn't a microscopic scratch that can't get infected..it can!! hope this helps...

#1 Due on 12/22/08!
It might be sprained, but really dont think it would be broken, you would know believe me, he would be screaming, you should really take him to the dr though to get checked out, it COULD be a SMALL fracture or so. But i would take him to the dr, for sure

If it is too sore for him to use, then he needs to have it looked at. Generally if a kid breaks a bone, you will know right away when you look at them. They will have this sick, pale look to them. Keep in mind he could also have dislocated his elbow, which will make you not want to move it. While it is safe to put it back in place yourself if you know how, in this case, since you don't know for sure what's going on, take him to the doc to be checked out. Good luck!

edit: I have a son that has dislocated his elbow on several occasions. My doctor told me it would be fine to take care of it myself. No need to run to the hospital every time it happens. For children that are prone to this happening, it is not so unusual for the doctor to instruct the parents on the proper way to put it back in place.

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