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My mom broke 2 ribs on friday and the doc says there is really nothing that they can do about it?
she's 58 and any idea how long this would take to heal and the pain to be gone

coco lopez
you can wrap it which seems to help a lot of patients. wrapping the area can relieve a little bit of the pain and also prevent you from taking large breaths. unfortunately, the ribs heal slowly because they are always moving when you breathe. a fracture normally takes 6 weeks to heal and a full break can take longer, but there isn't much you can do about it. you just have to let it heal like any other broken bone

Angel K
My mom had the same thing happen at age 58. If they gave her a brace to wear around them, make sure she wears it, this will help more than anything. She also needs to make sure to take deep breaths several times a day. Otherwise she could develop a lung infection. With my mom, after the initial soreness wore off she felt a little better everyday and was much better in a couple of weeks. It really didn't take long at all until she was well.
Hope this helps!

deal with it

don't worry. just be there for your mum when she needs it. listen to your doctor and if you are still worried, then take a second opinion

Yep he is right nothing you can do for it... maybe try some ice and Tylenol or Advil for the pain... also make sure she is breathing regularly... sometimes your lungs can be effected when you break a rib(s)... hope this helps

there isnt much they can do when you break your ribs...my boyfriend broke one a year ago and it still hurts

yep nothing they can do but let it heal on its own. Broken ribs can take a long time to heal to where there is no pain.

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That is correct. I played semi pro football and broke some. Then last summer at the Ted Nugent concert I broke another. What I did was use an ace bandage, though not wrapped too tight. This provided the ribs from jostling around, but too tight cut off my breathing. You have to find what is comfy for you. By the way, it took me about 12 weeks to heal. And be careful not to become addicted to the pain pills. I tossed them after 2 days and toughed it out.

Its true they cant repair the ribs. But with time it will heal. When bones are broken, you have to keep it straight so it can heal and not keep bending it or cause any strain to it.For example I know someone who broke their back. They are told to keep their backs straight which is hard so they wear this thing that keeps it from bending and as time goes it heals.

get an ace wrap and wrap her ribs thats about it.. well .. painkillers too 6 weeks if they heal right..

The only thing you can do is rest and painkillers. It should heal in about 3-4 weeks, but it might hurt for a little while after that. Try to get her to avoid exertion for as long as possible to assist the healing process.
Hope she is better soon

unfortunatly they are right- the pain will last a while but they should be healed to the point of function within a couple weeks depending on how quickly your mom heals- they didn't give anything for the pain?

I have had four broken ribs. There truly isn't much they can do about it. I also had a punctured lung. I hope your mom is doing okay. For all four of my ribs to completely heal, it took about 6 months. I still (5 years later) have some tenderness in that area. Since your mom is 58, I would give even a little more time for healing. I was 23 when I broke my ribs.

When I say completely healed, I mean no pain. I refuse to put drugs, especially narcotics, into my body which may have caused the pain to last a bit longer. I was up and about in a few weeks. I still had some problems breathing (probably due to the punctured lung)and did not have full mobility back and still pretty painful though.

Depending on which ribs are broken they may wrap her chest but that's it. Tell her to just take it easy for a couple of weeks. Ribs tend to heal without help.

a kinder, gentler me
You can't really put a cast on a rib, can you?

Milton a.k.a. the building pyro
I'm no expert, but I would recommend minimizing her torso movement as much as possible. Icing the area could help as well, but do it carefully. No more than 10 minutes at a time, or else you can actually do more hurt than good with ice.

I don't know what the doc recommended for pain reduction, but most of the time it's either heat or cold. With a back strain or spasm or the like (muscle problem), it's usually heat applied. With a break or sprain or the like, it's usually ice. I'd double-check with the doc before you do anything. Minimizing movement is important, though. Any movement of a broken bone is painful...ribs will likely be more so.

I hope you can find something to help her. :-) Broken ribs are a difficult injury to deal with.

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