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My hearing is messed up - help!!?
I don't know whats wrong with my hearing! It's gone all funny. :( It's making me unhappy so if anyone knows whats wrong with me, help please!

This happened yesterday and I've still got it and it won't go away. My right ear is popping (just like when you're on a plane - except i havent) and it won't seem to go away. I dont know what is wrong. I thought sleeping it off will help but yet its still here.

I've tried smacking myself round the head (not for a long time - dont want to be getting a headache on top of this!!), clearing out my ears (which i do regularly so it can't be that), and sticking my head upside down - which kinda works, but only for a few seconds and then it comes back. I've even tried blowing through my nose hard because that usually affects my ears and clears it but thats not working either. Oki, that kinda sounds funny. :S

Argh! It's annoying me and i dont know what it is!!

Can any kind soul help me please?

Additional Details
and to add - i dont think its building up towards a cold as i have no other symptoms. (im miserable!!)

don't worry an ear transplant should sort that out for you

Could be an infection. Go to your docter and may giv u sum antibiotics or sumthing

Sweetie, you need to see an ENT. Start with your primary if you have insurance.
Good luck! :)

see your doctor it could be wax or an infection

flower power
you need to put Otex or something similar into your ears for 3 or 4 days...(ear drops from Pharmacy) - & go to the nurse at the doctors surgery...she will syringe them...i promise you thats what the problem is!! i know - its very frustrating.

you must be very careful cleaning your own ears...it is dangerous putting cotton buds etc., into them..you can perforate your ear drums.

Pardon??? can you repeat the question....

karen b
I had something very similar and went to doctors and was told it was hardened earwax the only thing i was told to do was to put some warm olive oil into a dropper and put it into ear twice a day for 2 weeks which worked for me

My Grain
You need to go to the doctors and get them syringed out.I have to do that at times.Takes one minute to do and isn't painful.

You are experiencing eustacian tube collapse or blockage. This tube is what connects and drains the middle ear (behind the eardrum) into the throat. Smacking yourself on he head will do nothing to resolve the problem.
Your best bet is to take a decongestant and sleep on the side opposite the involved ear. This will allow the middle ear to drain and reopen the eustacian tube.
You can try a Valsalva Maneuver, which is holding your nose and pushing GENTLY, try to exhale through your nose.

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