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Tammy C
My head hit the windshield during a car accident. The bump is soft to the touch. Should i be concerned?

I do not think you should be concerned unless you were knocked unconscience then you should have went to the ER cause you could have a mild concussion

You should be fine. It's just soft because there is blood under the skin. If you start having bad headaches or anything like that, I would go in though. Take care and good luck!!

yes. u should be concerned. i recommend that you get that injury examined by a doctor, just to be safe. :)

yes!!!!!!!!!! you could have a closed head injury! go to the doctor please. best of luck!

um ya you should. did you go to the er after the accident? If there was starring (cracking) on the windshield, you could have major head trauma and not realize it until its too late, go to the doctor now!

if its just a bruise then its probably no big deal- but i would advise going to the doctor for any kind of head injury. especially if other stuff starts happening like frequent headaches, dizziness, increase in water intake, anything!

Depends on how long ago you sustained the injury. Generally, if a head injury is going to cause a problem, it will occur within the first 24 hours.

kev l
Yes, you should go and get checked out as any head injury should be checked out.

I would definitely recommend going to a doctor to be on the safe side. Anytime you hit your head, especially with the forces involved in a car accident, there is a possibility of more serious injury. You might not even have any symptoms. You obviously hit your head pretty hard if you have a bump. Just be safe and have it checked by a doctor. They might do an X-Ray or MRI to make sure there is nothing more serious. Most likely, it's nothing serious and you'll be fine, but just go and have it checked as a precaution.

If you get any symptoms like dizziness or disorientation, go to a hospital immediately.

Go in and see the doc. Any head injury..especially something like hitting your head against a windshield should be checked out.

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