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My eye hurts horribly and is suddenly really sensitive to light, what could be wrong?
I wear contacts and I think they are getting a little old. Anyway, I slept out one night with my contacts still in (they are the kind that are supposed to be taken out while you sleep). I woke up and my left eye was in extreme pain. My eyelids felt heavy and when I walked into a room with a bright light, no matter how hard I tried I couldn't open my eyes. This was two days ago..now my left eye is red and bloodshot, its very sensitive to light and keeps trying to close, it won't let me open it all the way, and occasionally hurts. What could be wrong? Should I see a doctor?

Magick Kitty
see your doctor. sounds like it might be a corneal ulcer (scratch on the eyeball). had one once. very painful.

You should definitely go see a doctor. It's not worth taking a risk with your eyes.

David B
oh heck yeah, you have at least a corneal abrasion and possibly iritis.

Unfortunately I am going through the same thing as you are at he moment and it is a extreme pain the neck. My contacts is no longer in good use, despite knowing full well that I needed to buy new ones sooner in case anything happens- as it already did. Also did you rub your eyes alot aside from the fact you slept with your contacts on? This was a case with me and I believe this what finally did my contacts in. But like everyone else stated, it is best to go the eye doctor to get your eyes checked and get some new lenses.

E Yow
Yes, you absolutely should see a doctor.

Did you take out the contacts? It's important to take good care of those (clean them, wear them as recommended, don't wear them at night if they're not supposed to be...), because you can cause serious eye problems, including blindness, if you don't.

You probably have a corneal abrasion due to contact lens over wear take out your contact lenses and go see an optometrist make sure you bring your glasses with you you prob wont be able to wear your contacts for a couple of days and the doc will give you some drops to help your eye heal.

Khairudin Bin Salim
see a doctor b4 you get blind... du ever wear your contacts more than 8 hours.... 12 hours is the max...

Veronica S
see an opthomalogist, asap, ur eye muscles may weaken an u may develop cross eyes, now u dont want that sweetie so see a doc!

You should really go to see a doctor, as you have cells on the front of your eye which can get scratched, he will do an eye examination to see what the problem is, tell him you slept with the contact lens in and buy some new ones, and use glasses for a bit to give your eye a rest

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