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My bruise doesn't hurt!!!?
I have a bruise on the very bottom of my thumb and it doesn't hurt at all! I touch it and even rub it but it doesn't hurt. And yes it's a bruise because it's purple.



Joe G

be lucky

um go ask ur doctor

It COULD be a blood blister. But even if it is a bruise it doesn't have to hurt. I am very clumsy and get bruises a LOT. Most of them I don't even know I have, because they don't hurt, til someone points it out. you should be fine

Will You Take The Red Pill ?
your dieing !!! go to the ER ASAP!!!

that always happens 2 me u have a bruise but it doesent hurt..its fine it dosent mean anything.

Some bruises just don't hurt, I see some bruises sometimes I don't even notice, they don't hurt.

???? n (formerly ???? S)
ok....good 4 u....


It's just broken blood vessels.

The same reason hickeys don't hurt.

You didn't hurt bone or nerves or anything like that. Be happy!

you just bursted some blood vessels below ur skin and wen you do that it doesnt hurt... it just takes a couple days for the blood to equal out in that area or you can just drain the bruise with a needle or something

i have a question
OKAY. What are you complaining for?

i have some of those....
and maybe it is not a bruise, maybe its something that is just purple.
IF youre really worried, as a DOCTOR...or some medical-ish friend

Shane Doe
A bruise is just broken capillaries beneath the skin. I have a few from work that don't hurt at all, and one on my shin where I got hit with a 10 pound sledge hammer while mounting a tire that hurts when anything touches it. Its just the severity of the bruise and the underlying muscular damage that makes it hurt, and not the appearance of a bruise.

ok, so if you want it to hurt, then slam it into a car door... lol

jae bee
FUN! it's probably a blood blister or something awesome like that.
have fun, i guess...?

Dennis Fargo
OK, so you are a tough guy.


<.< is this a question?

it happens but it's more common for it to hurt

I think it's fine. but if you are really worried about it, go show it to an adult

It's most likely a blister, let it run it's course, they go away with time. It doesn't hurt because you don't do anything to aggravate it.

Its probably just blood. nothing to worry about

Maybe it is a blood blister?

I love the boy with the FRO
yeah sometimes that happens.

thanks SO much for letting us know

MiMi ♥
Thats ok I wouldn't worry about it. Sure its not a blister? Again no worries

you are freaking out because of that? Come on dude!

i dont think bruises have to hurt....i think thats a good think

that is cool..
but what is the question?

good for you

Its thicker skin. Its not as sensitive =]

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