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 Ehh! Would you or would'nt you?
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Additional Details
never worked guys your all ...

 Is this answer actually true?!?!**??!!?
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 Should I take my son to the er, how can u tell if it is serious or not???
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 I am recovering from a toe injury,I'm going to see my dr On Monday?I am worried he might give me the ok?
i am stressed worrying about going back to work.The thing is,part of me doesn't want to go back to work,because of my being stressed,and the possibility of maybe going on strike in a couple of ...

 What does a cracked rib feel like?
I got a bit drunk the other day, and bumped into a high table in a bar. Since then, my rib has waves of pain in it, not constant, but now and then. It kinda hurts.

Any Doctors in the house?...

My arm was smashed by a car door slammed on it. It looks dislocated should I go 2 the doctor?

Slightly Offkilter
No way, give it a year or so, see it goes away. If you start to pass out from the pain, take 2-3 Vicotins with a little whiskey.

well all i know is if its JUST dislocated id say get someone to op it back into place if you dont wana spend alot fo moeny on the doctor...its going to hurt BADLY...trust me iv had alot of expierences of dislocated knees and i just dislocated my knee and wrist like 2 hours ago, she popped them back into place..it will still hurt for a bit but it will be fine but if no one you know can pop em do not take ANY chances and go to the doctor because if you go to the emergency...your going to spend AT LEAST 2,000$ (experience again) so good luck on your arm

can you move it?can you move your fingers?can you lift your arm over your head.if not you prolly broke it.yes doc.

You wouldn't be typing if it was dislocated but I recommend seeing a doctor immediately.

YOU need to go to the doctor asap...unless u kno someone who can CORRECTLY pop it bak in! but go to the doctor so they can pop it into place...its gonna hurt like a *****, but at least you'll be able to moce ur arm in a day or two!

yes!, do you want your arm to be dislocated for the rest of your life. you have to go to a doctor or physical therapy to fix it and put it in place or else it will just get worse.

I'd highly recommend going to the doctor, or if your in pain, to the Emergency Room. Since your not sure if it is not dislocated or not, i'd recommend just going to the doctor.

Black-n-White Keys
How are you typing right now?! With just one hand? Anyway, better safe than sorry. Go to the doctor now!

нαииαн ♥ ;;
Yes, go to the doctor, what are you waiting for?!?

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