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My ankle won't stop hurting, what do i do? HELP!!!?
I don't know what to do. Last year during my baseball season i did something to my ankle. My parents won't take me to the doctors because they think it will heal soon, so what do i do?

idk my bff jill??

use icy hot, or ice it. or you can just tape it during a game/practice.

Me H
usually its just ur growth plate moving but it could be worse. wait it out for a little longer and if it continues to hurt go to a doctor.

Robert B
Read and apply http://www.helium.com/tm/148271 and fix it.

Jason O
Take some neurofen or panadol or something that will ease the pain. if it doesn't get better by the next day then you should tell your parents that you really need to see a doctor

Lady T
Alternate between heat and cold and wrap it with a ace bandage. Advil will also take down inflammation. If your parents wont take you to the doctor, talk to your school nurse maybe they can help.

Try exercising it, it will heal faster than you know.

ansel s
insist to see a doctor. it could be the beginning of something severe so you better have it checked before permanent damage could occur.

bag of peas, :)

i paint my nails black
Well, I'm thirteen and my ankles have been hurting me on and off since I was eight. If you're in the stage of growing then it's just a little discomfort. Your body needs time to heal and grow. Just prop it up and take it easy for a while.

It can be a number of things. If your ankle is warm to the touch, and swollen or shiny, you may have gout. Go to th edoctors if you have that.

A sprained ankle occurs following a sudden sideways or twisting movement of the foot. An ankle sprain can occur during athletic events or during everyday activities. All it takes is an awkward step or an uneven surface to cause an ankle sprain--that is why sprained ankles are among the most common orthopedic injuries. A sprained ankle usually occurs when a person lands from jumping or running on to an uneven surface. For example, sprained ankles are often seen when basketball players come down from a jump and land on another player’s foot. Ankle sprains also occur with more routine daily activities such as stepping off a curb or slipping on ice. If you have this. rest, use ice, and elevate the ankle high.

Is there significant swelling and is the pain so intense you're unable to walk on the ankle? You may have a fracture if you have that.

Do you have a fever, or is more than one joint swollen and red? Fever along with a painful, swollen joint could be caused by an INFECTED JOINT. More than one affected joint could mean RHEUMATIC FEVER. If so , SEE YOUR DOCTOR RIGHT AWAY!

Good luck. Get well soon!!

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