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silent observer
My ankle is swollen from when i fell on it years ago?
besides going to the doctor or hospital, what can i do to bring the swelling down?
Additional Details
its been swollen for years on and off but if i stand on it for a verry long time, it gets really swollen

Redawg J
Take an anti inflammatory like Advil...and use cold compresses. It's probably arthritis.

Ankle sprain
Damage to the ankle ligaments.

More detailed information about the symptoms, causes, and treatments of Ankle sprain is available below.

Although sprains can occur in both the upper and lower parts of the body, the most common site is the ankle. Ankle sprains are the most common injury in the United States and often occur during sports or recreational activities. Approximately 1 million ankle injuries occur each year, and 85 percent of them are sprains. (Source: excerpt from Questions and Answers Sprains and Strains: NIAMS)
... whenever ankle pain occurs simply put ice on it for 5 - 10 minutes

soak it in Epsom salt

just curious
there is something more going on than just a sprain or it would have healed several years ago...you really need to see a doc and make sure you didn't fracture it

Alternate between hot and cold packs, 20 minutes at a time. That'll bring it down the fastest.

ill give u lots of things n u choose 1 . get a some cabbages put them in hot water for 1o min then take it out let it cold lil bit just so u can put it on ur ankle lave it as much as u can it n after that ur ankle should go back to normal ,2. u can also put ur feet in warm after get a soap a rub it over the swollen place do that n when u finish n while ur ankle still warm cover it n that will help too

Lady in Red
I injured both of my ankles (separate instances, I'm clumsy) a number of years ago. Mine also still look like a little swollen. I've asked a couple of doctors about it a little while after the injuries happened. They said not to worry. It probably wasn't actually swelling, but scar tissue build-up. Unless it's painful, or you've reinjured it, I wouldn't worry too much.

when it gets cold, the air pressure goes down, making your once broken ankle feel sore and swollen

ice never heat.

You don't want to have a blood clot and you can get that from Heat. Always ICE!!! I'm an athlete and my trainer's/dr's always said ICE!!!

I'll pray for you, hope you feel better.

Did the swelling just pop back up or has it been swollen for years?

You can put ice on it and take some Advil, but honestly the think you NEED to do is see the doctor. There's no real way around it.

The best way to treat ankle (and most joint) injuries is the use of the R.I.C.E. method, which will limit and reduce inflammation:

Rest: Try and limit the amount of stress and physical strain you put on your ankle. Depending on how severe the pain and inflammation is, you may want to try and use crutches for a few days or, if the swelling and pain is less severe, just limit the amount of walking and running you do for a week or two. This is one of the more important steps, since using the injured joint too soon will prevent healing and only exacerbate the problem.

Ice: Icing the ankle will significantly help to limit inflammation buy constricting blood vessels in the area and slowing the body's response to injury.

Compression: Use an ace bandage or something similar to wrap the ankle and compress the area. This will help to keep fluid from pooling in one spot. You should wrap the joint tightly, but not so tight that it blocks blood circulation.

Elevation: Keep your ankle elevated, on a chair, table, or anything that will prop it up while you are sitting and/or laying down. The rule of thumb is to keep the site of injury above the level of your heart. This will aid in venous blood return and also limit swelling.

Another good idea would be to take 2 or 3 Ibuprofen (dont go over 600mg every 6 hours to be safe). This will not only help to stop pain, but will act on inflammatory mediators and reduce swelling.

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